Monday, May 28, 2012

One. Two. Three-years-old!!!

Seth is three-years-old today!!!

The day Seth was born was just an ordinary day in our family, with school, work, and blah.  We had no idea that this day would become so special. 

When Seth turned one-year-old, we still wouldn't know about him for another six weeks, just another day again, but add absolute frustration and obsession about waiting for our referral (cuz we knew it HAD to be close)!  

When Seth turned two-years-old, we were still only dreaming of holding him in our arms and waiting impatiently for his visa to arrive to bring him home.

As Seth turns three-years-old, we are blessed to celebrate this BIG milestone in our family together WITH him by our side.  And what a celebration it will be...




(Just a few or many) things we LOVE about this special three-year-old:

He has THE most wonderful laugh and smiles with his eyes.  You can't help but smile when he lets out a giggle.

He is obsessed with monster trucks.  Tractors and airplanes are pretty good too, but NOTHING beats monster trucks with the BIG wheels!  "Grave Digger VRRRRRRR. Go fast fast fast!!! Mommy kiss it!"

He NEVER stops moving.  Like NEVER EVER EVER!!! Jumping, running, wiggling, dancing, leaping, skipping, marching, squirming, and everything in between... And when he walks he sways his head back and forth - so cute!

He talks all. day. long.  AND he repeats EVERY SINGLE WORD we say.  Even at Sara's soccer games he repeats ALL the shouts and cheers of the parents watching their kids play.  We've got to ALWAYS watch our mouth, especially when mommy is driving :)

He loves to dance!  He wiggles with his little bum and elbows moving back and forth.

He loves having a bath with LOTS of bubbles!

He will always eat all his dinner if he knows there is a treat waiting for him at the end.

He drank juice for the first time last month and described it as "Oh Mommy, juice fun!"

He is petrified of most animals, but dogs would likely be #1 on the list.  When he sees a dog he says "Nice puppy? Nice puppy GO!  Seth don't like that."

When he tells us "I love you" he says "Ah-la-loo" and now that's how our whole family says it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Locked up!

After over 4 hours of sitting in one spot, many MANY treats, and even more YouTube videos of trackers and monster trucks, this little man made it through like a SUPER TROOPER!  He's all locked up with dreads for the summer and lookin' FINE!!!