Thursday, April 30, 2009

TEN months waiting and never felt better...?

Ten months of waiting and I have never felt better...????? That does not seem to make any sense, does it? But, in fact, I have become at peace with things lately. I have also been putting my energy into other activities and I feel GREAT! My main distraction over the passed few months has been training for the marathon in June, and with that I have lost almost 20 pounds - hot damn! It dawned on my the other day at how well the training has been coming for me and I realized that there is one very simple explanation for it - I AM IN CONTROL - 100%. I can't say that about most other things in my life. I love it - I decide when, how long, how hard, and how often - it is all about ME ME ME ME!!!! No one telling me I have to wait, no one telling me I can't do it, no one forcing me, no one giving me bad news, etc... I really hope this new found energy can get me through the next few months!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sara is trying to figure things out...

Sara: "Daddy, what if Claire's mommy takes our baby home from daycare one day by mistake?"
Daddy: "How could that happen?"
Sara: "Because their family is brown and her mommy might get mixed up and take our baby home."
Daddy: "Do we ever get you mixed up with other kids at daycare?"

Sara: "Daddy, my friends will think that Claire is our baby's sister?"
Daddy: "Well, you will just have to tell them that you are the big sister, right?"
Sara: "Yes, I am the big sister."

Sara: "Mommy, can we tell the people that own Ethiopia that I want to order a girl baby?"
Mommy: "Uh..."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Manitoba Underwater

The flooding in Manitoba is absolutely devastating in some areas – only rooftops visible in some rural areas – lots of sand bagging and evacuations. Many Winnipeg homes have also been sand bagged. Fortunately, we are at no risk whatsoever; besides water leaking into our basement because of a quick melt and frozen grown, we are fine – annoyed, but fine.

The following three pictures are from the "creek" that runs along our street.

We walk across this creek in the summer.

We walk under this bridge most days of the year.

Road closed at the end of our street because of the creek flooding the road.

The rest of these pictures are of rural Manitoba - so tragic.