Monday, June 25, 2012

To blog or not to blog?

To blog or not to blog?

When to blog?

Do I have time to blog?

What to blog?

Is my life really that important to blog?

Is anyone still reading this blog?

Who will read this blog?

Can FB sufficiently replaced this blog?

Have I done all I can with this blog?

Do I want to blog?

What would I rename this blog?

These are the questions I am pondering...

Monday, June 18, 2012

A homecoming to remember

We became a WHOLE family (very late tonight) one year ago!
(Sorry for the poor quality, I videoed a video - 
the original is VERY long and I don't have the techy skills to edit)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A year of firsts

First time we set eyes on Seth.

First time meeting Seth.

First time holding Seth.

First moments alone with Seth.

First time on an airplane.

First time as a family.

 First Father's Day with both babies.

 First day at home (he sat on this toy for 4 straight hours).

First time in the wagon.

First popsicle.

First time dancing in the rain.

First picture with ALL the cousins.

First Canada Day.

First time playing in the water park.

First time getting his nails painted.

First (of many) time Sara got her hands on Seth to dress him up!

First time in a swimming pool.

First time as a superhero.

First time on a waterside.

First time at the beach.

First time in heels.

First time down the big slide at the park.

First time wearing a tie (thanks to Sara once again).

First time on a tractor.

First time on a marry-go-round.

First time driving a car.

First time at the corn maze.

 First time at the petting zoo.

First time in a pumpkin patch (mine too)!

First wedding as a family.

First time seeing a whale.

First Halloween.

First Ethiopian celebration.

Mommy's first hair attempt.

First time wearing his sleep cap.

 First photo with the WHOLE family.

 First time with Santa.

First Christmas.

First winter.

First time tobogganing.

First time on a snowmobile.

First time playing with the bird.

First time seeing monster trucks live
(and the start of his obsession with them).

First St. Patrick's Day.

First spring.

First Easter.

First time at the ocean.

 First time helping Daddy coach soccer.

First locs.

First time at the fair.

First bike ride.

 First birthday party.

First big boy bike.

First (of MANY) Gotcha Day.
One year ago TODAY Seth was placed into our arms forever.