Thursday, October 13, 2011

The most terrible mom in the world.

I will forever be known as THAT mom. THE mom that killed the family pet. Yes, I did it, I killed Sara's bird yesterday. It was a complete accident of course. How you might ask? Well...I stepped on it - we were all sitting down for dinner and it was under the dining room table (may I mention that Sara is the one that let the bird out to roam as she often does...but I digress) and as I sat down all I felt was something soft under my foot. Thank goodness the little thing did not suffer, it died within moments. The whole family watched it happen, it was awful - Sara started screaming and crying, Chad grabbed the bird and ran to the bathroom, I grabbed Sara, and Seth sat in his booster seat wonder what was happening. Sara cried all night long. I felt so horrible - like the most terrible mother in the whole world. My poor baby just cried and cried. And to make things even more heart-wrenching, Sara has been getting ready to celebrate the bird's birthday, which is next week - she's been making birthday invitations and designing a special cupcake for the bird... And all day today Seth kept pointing at the bird cage saying "Birdie all gone", I didn't even realize he knew what was going on - double guilt.

Later last evening we went through our pictures and ordered prints of the bird. I picked up the prints and bought a picture frame for Sara's room. I also got Sara a journal so she can write down her thoughts and feels. Sara shared some of what she wrote, it says "My first day the bird died was awful. It was so sad. I did not want this day to come. I feal a littal beter right now. I now want to say I love you. I am rilly sad to say I will never get to see you agen. I will miss you Chubby Cheeks. You had to pass away one day. We pray for a bird that is nice but died. We miss her from are harets. I love you 10 times."