Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sara is trying to figure things out...

Sara: "Daddy, what if Claire's mommy takes our baby home from daycare one day by mistake?"
Daddy: "How could that happen?"
Sara: "Because their family is brown and her mommy might get mixed up and take our baby home."
Daddy: "Do we ever get you mixed up with other kids at daycare?"

Sara: "Daddy, my friends will think that Claire is our baby's sister?"
Daddy: "Well, you will just have to tell them that you are the big sister, right?"
Sara: "Yes, I am the big sister."

Sara: "Mommy, can we tell the people that own Ethiopia that I want to order a girl baby?"
Mommy: "Uh..."


D Dae said...

LOL Too funny

The other day our joke was that our baby was "back ordered". Not politically correct, but when it is either scream and cry or laugh... well let's laugh when we can!

The Mannings said...

would Sara mind telling the people who own ethiopia that we would like our baby soon?! too cute!!!!

Natalie and Chris said...

so cute.
PS. I did get your email response and will probably be in your area in a few weeks. I'll definitely let you know once I know more of whats going on. I look forward to it. Nat