Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Ethiopian Adoption Journey

Introducing Chad, Laura and Sara...

We are overjoyed by the thought of our future babe from Ethiopia completing our family.

Our adoption journey began several years ago with the adoption of our daughter, Sara, in September 2004. Sara was brought into our lives through a domestic adoption. We have now been waiting over three years for our second domestic adoption and the bottom line is that it just ain't we are now on a new adoption journey...Ethiopia here we come!

To date we have completed our homestudy and are waiting for provincial approval. Next it goes to Imagine Adoption and then Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

Having known Laura & Chad for quite some time now (more Laura than Chad of course since we work together), I think (no, I know) they are awesome parents - folks most kids would be proud to call Mom & Dad! The proof is in the pudding - and the pudding is the beautiful & enchanting Sara - what a gem she is! I've always thought of excellent parenting skills as an investment in the future, and Laura & Chad will certainly reap the benefits of their excellent parenting skills when Sara is old enough to fly the beautiful wings they are helping her to grow each and every day! Another little one on the way - WOW! Be patient Sara - the best is yet to come! This has been a message of love from Lorraine.

Michelle Carnegie said...

Laura and Chad,

I just spent the last 10 minutes reading all of the comments made to you from friends and strangers and I am truely amazed! They brought tears to my eyes. I know you both always knew that you had your families love and support but it is comforting to me to know that you have people who understand your situation and are willing to hold your hand through this process. I just love both so much and you will never know the number of times that I have thanked God that Sara came into your lives, she truely is the luckies kid I know....and I can't wait to welcome the next addition to your (our) family!

Love you always,
Your sister and friend,