Friday, February 25, 2011

He isn't, but I am.

Seth isn't smiling, but I did when I saw his update pictures this morning!!! Seth is 21 months old on Monday and looking more like a little man everyday. I miss him and love him so much.
We have come upon another bump along the way to bring Seth home. We thought we were "in the clear" and had hoped that Seth's paperwork would be on its way to Nairobi to begin the final countdown in this endless journey. But we learned last week that we have a few more obstacles to overcome - and yes, this has everything to do with our unique court experience. We have no idea how or when things will be back on track. We pray and hope for a quick resolution and will continue dreaming about the day Seth is safely home and in our arms forever.


lyndsey&kevin said...

B 2nd birthday is the beginning of May... they are VERY close!!!


hoping they both come together soon;)

Anna said...

He's adorable. I really hope and pray that you'll stop hitting road blocks and that things will speed up. He'll be in your arms soon.

Ramona said...

He makes me smile too!
{hugs}as you wait and hope. I'm praying for these bumps to pass.

Sharla said...

What a sweetie! I will be praying for everything to get ironed out quickly so that you can be on your way to bringing that adorable boy home!

elsie hiebert said...

I hope these roadblocks will resolve themselves quickly. He is so adorable.

Dianne said...

SUCH a beautiful little boy.

Hugs and prayers while you wait for these next obstacles to clear.

Angela Sandau said...

Behind you every step of the way. Jan 12 crew!

Stephanie said...

He is cute!! Praying that your docs are on their way to Nairobi faster than you think.

Steph :-)

The Gaboury's said...

You son is so cute. I am praying that you get past this papaerwork issue ASAP so you can bring your little guy home.

BCMommy said...

Oh Laura,

How much more will you be asked to endure! I hope things get resolved quickly so your paperwork can be finished and that handsome little guy will be in your arms forever.