Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A year of firsts

First time we set eyes on Seth.

First time meeting Seth.

First time holding Seth.

First moments alone with Seth.

First time on an airplane.

First time as a family.

 First Father's Day with both babies.

 First day at home (he sat on this toy for 4 straight hours).

First time in the wagon.

First popsicle.

First time dancing in the rain.

First picture with ALL the cousins.

First Canada Day.

First time playing in the water park.

First time getting his nails painted.

First (of many) time Sara got her hands on Seth to dress him up!

First time in a swimming pool.

First time as a superhero.

First time on a waterside.

First time at the beach.

First time in heels.

First time down the big slide at the park.

First time wearing a tie (thanks to Sara once again).

First time on a tractor.

First time on a marry-go-round.

First time driving a car.

First time at the corn maze.

 First time at the petting zoo.

First time in a pumpkin patch (mine too)!

First wedding as a family.

First time seeing a whale.

First Halloween.

First Ethiopian celebration.

Mommy's first hair attempt.

First time wearing his sleep cap.

 First photo with the WHOLE family.

 First time with Santa.

First Christmas.

First winter.

First time tobogganing.

First time on a snowmobile.

First time playing with the bird.

First time seeing monster trucks live
(and the start of his obsession with them).

First St. Patrick's Day.

First spring.

First Easter.

First time at the ocean.

 First time helping Daddy coach soccer.

First locs.

First time at the fair.

First bike ride.

 First birthday party.

First big boy bike.

First (of MANY) Gotcha Day.
One year ago TODAY Seth was placed into our arms forever.


Hi from Ruth! said...

That was an awesome day!!!

Congratulations on making it through the first year and experiencing so many firsts!!! How amazing it is to be on THIS side of a year.



Jacquie said...

It was so fun to see how he has changed and grown throughout the year, and lucky dog, he's done some things that I have never done.
Congratulations to your beautiful family!

Anita said...

I loved seeing this year of firsts...what a nice idea! Congrats!

Carolyn said...

Awesome post!!! LOVE IT!!!! You should make a photo book of all those pictures.



T & K said...

Hey! This is SO cool - your timeline is so similar to ours - Our son's Gotcha day was May 30/2011 and his second birthday was June 11/2011 - just days of being the opposite dates of yours! (Canadian adoption).
We are also with CAFAC /Ethiopia and started our process in June 2008 - and are just reopening! I think I've seen you guys at kids spot!! Anyway... great year of FIRSTS! LOVE IT!

Chad, Laura, Sara and Seth said...

Wow Kristy, lots in common indeed. Let me know if you plan to attend any of the summer KidSpot get-togethers and we can meet up! lcmorrison@shaw.ca

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photographs. I can hardly believe that a year has passed since that awesome day. I'm so happy for you all. Congratulations! Pat

Ranavan and Wee One said...

I LOVE this post!!!!!

Happy Family Day Anniversary!!!!

Shelly said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.