Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bitter Sweet

Bitter...We have found out that referral times have increased for all child(ren) requests. For us, the wait will now be "at least 6 months" (we were originally told 2-4 months) for an infant either gender referral. And this could change again without any notice...we are now looking at 2009 before our referral comes in. Regardless, we are committed to this journey and (as best we can) prepared for all the bumps that come along the way!

Sweet...We have had contact with Imagine and it feels like such a relief to have connected with them finally. Our situation was bit different then others - we did not have any contact with IA until our local agency sent our completed approved homestudy to them, along with all the other documents including our retainer. Our contact with IA has been nothing but positive. They have answered EVERY question I have thrown at them...and there have been many in just this short time. Looks like our Dossier should be traveling by the end of June (fingers crossed)...then the real count down begins.


Janice said...

Just found your blog. We are from Ontario and also working with Imagine. Our dossier just arrived in Ethiopia last week. Good luck with your journey.

The Warren Family said...

Hi there, thanks for the post on my blog. I am excited to start reading yours as well. It looks like we both finished our homestudies at the same time. Our stuff is still sitting at the ministry here in Ontario however.... )-:

Cara said...

My husband and I are on about the same timeline as you (and the same agency). We're waiting for ministry approval and getting additional documents ready for Ethiopia. Best wishes to you (from a former Winnipeg resident).

Tannis & Benji said...

Wishing you all the best on your journey. Hoping there will be more "sweet" entries in the future!

The Warren Family said...

do you mind if I add a link to your blog from mine?? You can do the same if you want.