Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adoption article in the Wpg Free Press

This article was published in the Winnipeg Free Press on Sunday. It is really powerful.


Let me know what you think...


Adam said...

Definitely a thought provoking article. I am still amazed at the lack of resources available for adoptive families or those considering adoption. I remember being annoyed that none of the fertility treatments were covered but ways to prevent pregnancy were. Seems backwards.

Melissa said...

I had no idea that Canada allows abortion at any stage of pregnancy. BRUTAL!! And there are so many people who would love to adopt. If you go the international adoption route, it is unlikely that most families would have more than 2, just because of the cost. But I'm sure there are plenty of folks that would be happy to have a house full! It's not like if these kids were not aborted, that all of a sudden we'd have a problem with having "unwanted" babies. Those are crappy stats.