Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 months or 13 weeks

Well, we have made it through the third month and I must say that I am a little disappointed, although it may seem that I am not keeping up with my referral tracker, the fact is that there have been NO referrals in over a month...a bit depressing to say the least. I knew the referral pace was too good to be true. There are a few families that have now been waiting over 8 months for a single infant referral. If this pace continues, this would bring us to a March referral...pretty crappy considering we were originally told back in February that our wait would be only 2-4 months! Sorry, don't mean to sound so negative, but this waiting never gets easier. Our caseworker is still saying "about 6 months" - so I am still holding onto that time, until we are personally told otherwise.

On a brighter side. It is a fact that our baby exists, whether in the womb or in the world - our baby is anywhere between -5 months to +12 months old. A big smile appears on my face whenever I think of this. Where is my baby? What is he/she doing right now? Is he/she getting lots of love? I want to scream to everyone I see that we are already parents, we just don't know to whom (or when). As I was bogging with Shannon awhile back, I often see pregnant moms out and about and want to blurt out "Hey, I'm expecting too you know, any day now - can't you tell by the big smile on my face!"


Janice said...

Hey, I almost picked that #3 sign for our 3months of waiting post also. How depressing that there have been no referrals in a month. OUCH!! Maybe it will go in waves and there will be another bunch soon. I don't know why it would go in waves, just wishful thinking I guess.

Lorie said...

Congrats on getting 3 months behind you! I too am disappointed that referrls have stopped for the moment.

The Warren Family said...

I love what you were saying at the end of your post - that part about 'don't you know I am expecting too, can't you tell by my smile". That really captures how I feel as well. It is an intersting thing becoming a parent through adopion, there are so many different feelings you experience. I don't think anyone can really appreciate it unless they have lived it. It is a long journey and eventhough I find the waiting stressful (and I have a long way to go yet), I wouldn't change it for anything.