Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something Fun!

This is so adorable, I just had to post it. I like the last half best.


Melissa said...

Love it! Leopard and baboon? Crazy. Especially after it killed the mom itself. I'm passing this one on.

Tracy said...

Okay you guys this is so touching having this blog!!
I get to see Sara and remember back to when she came into your life, and now re live it with your next bambino or bambina.
This is sooo... cool how in touch you are with the culture in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is so lucky to have a family like you guys, coming to give one of theirs a great life!!

Love it!! Love it!!
Congrats again

Nick, Tracy & Marco

The Warren Family said...

I loved that video. I watched it a few times and had my hubby watch it too. How cute, those little kitties with the puppy!