Saturday, December 27, 2008


Congratulations to Sarah and Dae on your Christmas referrals, although you both waited WAY to long to tell us, but I forgive you :) :) :) You made Christmas even more special - you have made it a bit more real for me that this will happen and I dreamed of my baby all week long...thank you.


D Dae said...

Sorry, trust me I WANTED to scream it to the world, but we just had to make sure. I am not sure if you have read the whole story, but we were pretty freaked out, and needed to wait until everything was given the A-Ok before telling everyone :)

Even better news, if you are couting from the date dossier is picked up in Ethiopia our wait was only about 7.5 months, May 3. Hopefully the timelines don't get too much longer for you!

D Dae said...

Oh and thanks for the Congrats and all the support over the past few months, it means a lot.

Hopefully you are less than 8 weeks from your big day!

Sarah Rodgerson said...

Thanks for the congrats and all the support! I agree, we waited WAY too long to tell people. I really do feel horrible, if you knew how many times I lied to coworkers, family, and friends during the past few weeks, you would be shocked! And especially since everyone knows I cannot lie if my life depended on it! But I guess I did an Ok job, very few people suspected anything. Can't wait to be sharing in your special day! Happy New Year to you and your family.