Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sorry if I offended...

OK, maybe I jumped the gun in my last post. And maybe I was a bit aggressive with my words. And maybe I am feeling a little bad for sounding so bitter. Because I do know that in the end that this particular court change/delay will benefit families in the long run. It is just really frustrating in the short run. My frustration really has nothing to do with this particular delay - it is just that one delay seems to run into another and they all get blurred together to equal a general feeling of frustration and hopelessness.

Sorry if I offended anyone - it certainly was not my intent.


Rana said...

Hey Laura!

You didn't offend me in the least. I think when I read your post I understood that you were frustrated with more delays. I knew weren't directing this at any agency or at any country! I know you want what is best for the child/children who will be part of your family one day

This process is so emotional and sometimes you need to get it off your chest. Hence, blogging!

This is your blog and you can tell it as you see it from your stand point.

I appreciate your honesty and candour - it is nice to know I am not alone in my frustration, anxiousness and fear.

We are all hear to support one another!

pat said...

Go for it, Laura, feeling angry seems real to me. You just want to hold your baby in your arms as soon as possible, we know that, and we love you for it!

Stephanie said...

Don't even think twice about offending anyone...it's your blog you many blog whatever you want!!! Anyone who's been through this journey knows that sometimes you just need to vent!!

Steph :-)

Natalie and Chris said...

Hi Laura, I wasn't offended at all, you simply put everything I was feeling on the blog and I decided to yell it out loud. I was so devistated yesterday, I had just found out another one of my friends got pregnant, received the picture of my brother's baby's ultrasound and then this delay, it just sent me over the hedge. I am happy you feel comfortable enough to express how you feel and can assure you that I felt the exact same way.

The Mannings said...

offended?? your blog is there to let you blow off steam if needed - so go crazy. I think we are all frustrated by the ever moving finishing line!!!!

supermommy said...

Anonymous..whoever that is... needs to leave their name if they should feel the need to confront you on an issue on a blog that you own Laura. If they have a problem. then they shouldn't be reading it, or at least they should be honest and sincere enough to leave their name. This process is hard enough. You don't need to apologize for blowing of steam. Everyone knows you have you childs best interest at heart.

Take care


The Warren Family said...

I understood where you were coming from and felt the same way after reading about the new court changes. Of course we all want the process to protect the children and their birth parents, that is the top priority and I know both of us agree with that...but you are right it doesn't make the wait any easier. It is nice to have a place to vent how we feel with people who are going through the same thing. I took comfort in reading your last post because it made me feel like I wasn't alone in feeling upset about having to wait longer to become a parent. I hope you continue to be open about your feelings on your blog (-:

D Dae said...

You didn't offend me at all, you said what I was thinking. This process is frustrating as all get out. We all have our children's best interests at heart, but these ever increasing timelines are enough to drive even the most sane person batty! My guess is that this anonymous character is not stuck in this never ending wait, and without living it they can never truly understand it.

I am happy you were honest about your feelings, and I think you voiced what all of us are feeling!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Thanks ladies, you certainly know how to make someone feel good - thank God for all of you, it is a blessing to have you a part of this crazy (bit worthwhile) journey.


PS. Pat, if you are interested in another reader/supporter, give me an email lcmorrison@shaw.ca

Janice said...

I think a lot of us feel just like you. Your post just put into words what many of us were feeling.