Monday, November 30, 2009

Seventeen - edited with a WOOHOO

Wow, seventeen months of waiting for our referral - I can truly say that I NEVER thought I would be counting our wait for this long (and who knows how much longer). The irony is that if I think back to a year ago, I was far more anxious and consumed with the wait than I am today - it is hard to determine why this is - maybe one year ago we WERE soooo close (hahahaha)! - maybe I have become complacent with everything - maybe everything has been on hold for so long that I am just in that holding mode, almost a coping mechanism. Whatever it is - I'll take it for now. Maybe once things start moving again (like when the first referrals come through) I will be back to my old anxious self - won't that be exciting?!?!

One thing I do know is that today is the day that the retainer agreements are due. To be honest, I have really not spent a lot of time worrying about whether we will have enough families to continue. I am quick confident that we don't have anything to worry about. But I will certainly post once I know for sure.



Leanne said...

Just popped over to "cyber-celebrate" with you! We're with CAFAC but we have been waiting, hoping and praying for great news today for Imagine families and we are SO happy for you!!

shannon said...

So happy for us all

Lets get to this next step

wow 17 , I agree we never would have thought we would be reading this number

on the upside of that , you have to be pretty high up on that list, so lets gets the referral going , so we can turn this into a real party.

Enjoy the night

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you all. As you say, the clock starts ticking again! My thoughts are with you and your family. Pat

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

What a way to celebrate 17!!!!
Congratulations...let's get this baby goin'!!

Sharla said...

17 turned out to be a big celebration after all!

I think perhaps the reason the wait feels less anxious at 17 than it did many months ago is that after all that you have been through since then, it feels like a blessing to even be waiting again, really waiting and knowing that someday your turn will come.

Natalie and Chris said...

Congrats to making it to 17months and even better to be celebrating the success of moving forward.
Cheers to us all.
Now on to referrals.

Rana and Yvan said...

Laura!!!!! I am so excited for you and everyone with Imagine!!

Congtrats!!!!!!!!!! You persevered and IT. WILL. HAPPEN.

june said...


Stephanie said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!! You've endured soooo let's get those referrals going!!

Steph :-)

Hi ~ said...

Thank God! We're on the road again.


Alysia and Derrick said...

I'm SO HAPPY that this went through. Congratulations! I hope you are one of the first referrals!

D Dae said...

Congrats!!! Best news ever!!!!

Ramona said...

Oh Laura. As soon as I heard this news I thought of your family! I can't wait to hear that referrals are coming in and fmailies are being united!! What a way to skip over the 17 month blahhs (I found it a hard month to wait)and bring on the celebrations! I am so happy for you and the other IA families.

Jess said...

so glad things are working out for so many families!! Hoping those referrals come quickly!!

Janice said...

It's been quite the journey so far, hasn't it. It can only get better from here. I'm happy to see we are back to counting the months again. It would be great to see some referrals before 2010 but maybe that's wishing for way too much.

Connie said...

I'm so happy that things are moving again for you! It's good to have hope once again!
Hope you get a referral soon!

emily and mike said...

I'm so happy and proud of you guys! You should celebrate this huge milestone.

I can't wait to hear where you are in the list.... I'm thinking you are pretty close to the top???? Hope so!

Greg & Leanne said...

I've been trying to find the right words to write... I can't do it... But you will be mommy again soon, just trust Him.