Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Results: Who will we welcome into our family?

A boy, 0-6 months - 6 (13%)
A girl, 0-6 months - 2 (4%)
A boy, 7-12 months - 20 (44%)
A girl, 7-12 months - 2 (4%)
A boy, 13-18 months - 10 (22%)
A girl, 13-18 months - 5 (11%)

Just as I suspected - if I had to guess, these would have been the results I expected - based both on facts and feelings. FACT: Most either gender referrals tend to be boys and the older the request, the older the referral tends to be - at least this is what I have noticed. FEELING: I have predominant boy thoughts and most of my dreams are of a baby boy just starting to walk. But as I said previously, it really doesn't matter whatsoever - I know our baby is somewhere out there and only God knows when we will finally be together.

Thanks for the fun, it was great seeing all the votes come in!!!

We will see...

...soon I hope!!!!


lyndsey&kevin said...

I was SURE we were getting 2 boys the ENTIRE 2 year wait for a referral.... then two girls came into our lives... ya never know. And as you have said in the end it REALLY doesn't matter does it!!!!

Hope you hear soon


CHEPA said...

how fun! i missed the poll, but fun to read the results. :) darci

oops, i notice i'm as 'chepa' again, sorry...too lazy to change.