Friday, December 31, 2010

Confession Friday, Dec 31

I confess that I stole this post idea from Rana.

I confess that I have been completely overwhelmed and beyond grateful for all the support we have received over the past couple months and comforted that we have so many amazing people sticking with us through this long drawn out painful chaos.

I confess that all I want to do for News Year Eve is hibernate.

I confess that I purchased a WAY too expensive purse for myself and am in love with it.

I confess that I am so so so so happy for Rana and Yvan to FINALLY be bringing their sweet boy home! Finally Finally Finally!!!

I confess that the extreme stress I have been under lately is the best weight-loss program ever, too bad I feel like shit. I have two levels of stress - Level 1: "Oh that really ticks me off and I can't stop thinking about it so I'm going to eat my face off and maybe that will make it go away" stress, and Level 2: "Oh that hit me across the back of the head and I didn't even see it coming and the thought of eating makes me ill" stress. I've been in level 2 for a couple months now.

I confess that I want to vomit into my computer almost everyday and tell you everything about the hell we are living, but cannot...

I confess that I have not exercised since the summer.

I confess that I think about the time I spent with Seth everyday. I can still feel his soft skin and hair and see his big beautiful smile.

I confess that I bought something at Lu Lu Lemon a couple days ago, not because I loved it or needed it, but because it was on sale.

I confess that my thumbs are numb from playing Sara's new Super Mario DS game. The other day Sara asked me "Can I please have a turn?" Mark my words people, I will rescue that frickin' princess if it kills me, unless my thumbs fall off first.

I confess that I can always be more hopeful for other people than I can for myself.

I confess that I am feeling guilty for not going to church on Sundays more often (thanks Mom for reminding of this each week :))

I confess that I can't wait for NFL football season to end.

I confess that I like watching iCarly with Sara. OK, and SpongeBob and Hannah Montana.

I confess that I have a 1000+ more confessions and could go on and on and on and on...


Sarah Rodgerson said...

I confess that I just poked Freddie in the eye with a sippy cup,because I was paying more attention to your blog than I was to feeding him!

So sorry about the court delay again.


Curvy Runner said...

No stage of this process is easy, and no amount of "hang in there" can help. Knowing that other people care about your family does help though doesn't it? I just about went crazy waiting to pass court, so if I project that out to 5 months for you...yeah not good.
I will keep hoping for you!

lyndsey&kevin said...

I like you are now confessing too. Isn't it GREAT. I LOVE it!!

Ranavan said...

Oh welcome to Confession Fridays!!!

It is amazing how good it feels to confess and how much one can have to say.

I confess I think of you every single day and will be here with you until the end comes and it will be a happy ending!

Much love,


elsie hiebert said...

Thanks for your honesty. To many people hide and pretend.

Stephanie said...

I just bought something at Lulullemon that I totally didn't need either....but I love it!! YOU deserve to pamper yourself!!

Steph :-)
Saying a prayer for you everyday!!

Historica said...

Wishing you a successful court date on January 12. Until this time treat yourself, you deserve it !
Happy New Year to your family.

Sharla said...

The one about the video game made me laugh!

I used to always just eat more when I was stressed until last summer when the bankruptcy happened and then I knew what people were talking about when they said that they were too stressed to eat. I lost 11 pounds those first two weeks. I quickly learnt that I needed to force myself to eat whether I felt like it or not and the way I did that was sticky notes to remind myself. So maybe you could try sticky notes.

I confess that I am glad that you wrote out your list of confessions.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of your upcoming date and hope it goes great:) hugs.