Friday, January 07, 2011

Confession Friday, Jan 7

I confess that we celebrated New Years at 11:00pm and I was in bed just after 11:30pm.

I confess that every night before our court dates I have laid in bed awake all night counting the time difference between us and Ethiopia and wonder if our fate has been decided - "1am here is 10am in Ethiopia, maybe", "4am here is 1pm in Ethiopia, likely", "7am here is 4pm in Ethiopia, definitely", etc.

I confess that I check my email, blog, and forum a few times each hour. Pathetic I know.

I confess that my blog has just reached over 250,000 hits. However, after my last confession, I can safely say that I likely make up quite a few of those hits myself.

I confess that a very dear friend of mine sent me the most beautiful pendant (it says "Mother" in Amharic) in September and I wore it almost everyday, but put it at the bottom of my sock drawer when I arrived home from Ethiopia and have not looked at it since.

I confess that I have been a one-way blogger lately. I have been posting from time-to-time but have not been reading or commenting on many others.

I confess that I think all the time about where we would be right now if we would have passed on our first court date.

I confess that I did not send out Christmas cards this year, for the first time ever, and now I'm feeling guilty.

I confess that my 6-year-old daughter is in love with Justin Bieber. Like IN LOVE LOVE LOVE. She talks about him non-stop and when she watches his videos on YTV her face goes red and she hides under a blanket where just her eyes are showing. She received a Justin Bieber board game from our friends for Christmas and I have played that bloody game about 50 times already. Did you know that Justin Bieber has a dog named Sammy, his favorite color is purple, his bodyguards name is Buddy, he plays the piano and guitar, and his middle name is Drew...

I confess that I know way too much about Justin Bieber.

I confess that I HATE winter and that January is my least favor month, cuz it's still a long way to spring.

I confess that our life right now would make a great "Based on a True Story, Made for TV Movie", but not the Hallmark kind.

I confess that I bought Sara her first pair of skinny-jeans at Christmas. I have avoided buying them for over a year, but I finally succumbed after the billionth ask.

I confess that I am debating training for the full marathon again. I better decide, cuz I will need to get my ass in gear very soon.

I confess that I desperately want to see new pictures of Seth, even though we know he might not come home - he may not be our son, but he is still our boy.

I confess that the situation we are currently in is much more complex than missing or updating paperwork.

I confess that I prepared most of this post the same day I posted my last confession.


Ranavan said...

I confess I hate you are going thru this!!!!!

Sharla said...

I confess that all of those confessions are understandable and that I think all of us suspected the one about the issue being more complex than missing paperwork. Not being able to talk about it must add to the anguish you are in. Know that even though I don't know what the issue is, I am still praying, still hoping, still wishing, and still hurting for you.

I confess I was lazy and made my kids poutine and chicken bites for supper. I confess that I am procrastinating from the job I should be doing right now. I confess that I think it is understandable that you haven't been reading a lot of other blogs while going through this. I confess that I am not offended if you don't read mine.

lyndsey&kevin said...

Hey girlie I am walking beside you....

Wishing we were DRINKING tonight... damn large countries anyways!

Janice said...

I like reading your confessions, although some make me really sad, others crack me up (like you playing a Justin Bieber board game over and over).

I agree with Lyndsey, Canada is just to damn big.


Anonymous said...

i read this and had to comment! hang in there, we had our first court date October 28th, 2010 and passed but our MOWA letter was not approved. 3 court dates later, on Dec. 10th we finally got the good news! so it can happen, keep praying and don't lose hope!

-a fellow adoptive parent waiting...

shannon said...

I confess
I sure wish I was a better writer and could find some words that could help.
I can say I am thinking of you and sending you much courage across the country.
I confess this makes me so sad that it is all I can do.
Much love

The Hattons... said...

So sorry for your struggle. I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you. I confess I read your blog more than comment, but this one really pulled at me to hug you in words!

Ramona said...

It's almost the 12th... they better not screw things up and bump you again... this has to be your time...I'm still praying for you!


Dawn said...

I confess that I read your blog often but don't usually post. I confess that I have been thinking about your family a lot over the past few months. I confess that I am continually praying for your situation and I wish good news for your family tomorrow.

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

I am thinking about you tonight.

Please, please, please stay strong tonight.


Anonymous said...

Praying, hoping for tomorrow, thinking of you all. pat