Saturday, July 23, 2011

CBC follow up on our family

CBC did a follow up on our family since the bankruptcy. We were on the English news of about 10 seconds, but the French CBC did an article and longer segment. If you scroll to the bottom of the article you can view the video coverage too.

You can also translate the French article - here it is in English (the translation is a little off, but the gist is there):

Successful adoption despite bankruptcy

Two years after the adoption agency Imagine, based in Ontario, declared bankruptcy, a Manitoba family was able to adopt a little boy in Ethiopia.

The wait was longer because of financial woes of the agency, but the families are welded to complete their adoption file.

The 200 families across the country doing business with this agency have voted unanimously to bail out and pay Imagine each $ 4,000, said Laura Morrison, the mother of the little Seth, 2 years, arrived in Manitoba in June.

Chad and Laura Morrison were able to give a little brother to Sara, age 7, adopted in Manitoba when she was two months. For the father of two children, adoption in Canada was more simple than abroad. After the failure of the agency, they faced the recurring changes of the law in Ethiopia before becoming legal parents of the little Seth, said Chad Morrison.

Laura met her son on his first trip to Ethiopia last November. She could spend half an hour with him before her second trip in June with her husband and family back in Canada.

Today, the happiness of Morrison is at its peak and they expect no refund and no condemnation of the leaders of Imagine.

Last April, the accusations of fraud and embezzlement were filed against two former executives of the agency Imagine adoption.


Dana said...

Great Article Laura!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful Article so nice to see the press do some follow up also how fun to see you and the family together in clip . Loved it