Friday, July 22, 2011

My mom's first blog comment...I love you too!

I am Laura’s mom, and I have read every word that was ever posted on this blog. Today’s pictures warm my heart in a way that cannot be explained. Seth has come home and my joy is complete!

For so long we waited, prayed, cried and hoped for this day.

I am so grateful to everyone who gave their support along the way. Family, friends, co-workers and sometimes people we barely knew offered their prayers and support. I was overwhelmed by the goodness and caring of those around.

…but mostly I have been so proud of the woman you have been throughout this journey Laura. You and Chad have been the most amazing couple through all of this. Your determination to bring home your son never faltered even in the darkest hours. Both dad and I are so proud of you, and so grateful for the gift you have given to us…our last and lucky seventh grandchild. We will forever treasure the miracles of both Sara and Seth.

Mom xoxo
Couldn't have done it without you mom - love you too...


emily said...

This brings tears to my eyes! So sweet.

Corrie said...

so the "causing your readers to grab the kleenex box" runs in your family, eh?

you are blessed!!!!!!

John and Alicia said...

So nice to see your mom! I have been meaning to ask you about her in emails! Hope she is doing well.

Such a nice post!!


Maria said...

That made me cry! Soo beautiful said and what a beautiful family you have, Laura's Mom, you must be one proud grandma and mom