Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Lyndsey.

Here is what I had to do:
Go to your fourth folder of photos.
Post the fourth photo you find there.
No editing allowed.

This is Sara's cake I made last June for her 4th birthday. It's not perfect, but it was my first try.

I will tag Melissa, Dae, and Lorie (where'd you go?).


Lavonne said...

That cake is AWESOME! You've got my good housekeeping seal of approval my dear:)

Natalie and Chris said...

You did a great job on the cake. Every girl has to have at least one barbie cake. Thanks again for checking with me last week, things are much better this week. Natalie

D Dae said...

Huh, Cinn tagged me too... but I have a couple of different Photos folders.... Hmmmmmm, what to do... what to do....