Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am in the process of drafting a letter to my (Manitoba) government regarding its policy to close a domestic adoption file once an international adoption file is opened.

I am hoping that my fellow bloggers from across Canada can help me out on this one. I need to know the policies and procedures regarding this issue in your province. You can leave a comment or email me Here are a few key questions for you to consider:

Does your province allow you to have both a domestic and international application open at the same time? For example, in Manitoba, once our dossier leaves Canada, our domestic file is closed. However, I know that in Alberta a family can keep their domestic file open and wait for an international referral at the same time.

If your province closes domestic files, could you please describe the rational as to this policy?

If your province allows families to keep both domestic and international files open simultaneously, could you please describe the rational as to this policy? What is the procedure for ensuring that an international referral and domestic birthmom do not happen at the same time? If you receive a child (domestic or international), what happens to the other file?

Do you have a contact within your province of someone I could speak with about this issue? Access to rationale and policy documents, etc…

Thank you for your assistance.


lyndsey&kevin said...

In BC you can have both open as far as I know. I know of one family in particular who were on two differnt countries list at the same time. They started on China then opened one for Ethiopia. Now they have their referral from Ethiopia, so China is on 'hold'. Once their son is home for 1 year they can (if they choose to) become 'active' again on the china list. If you would like to call Choices in Victoria and ask exactly how it all works in BC I can give you their number..?

Ramona said...

Let me know how I can be of help as a fellow Manitoban... Do you have my email? I'm interested in helping out with this one!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Lyndsey, thank you, could you please PM me with a name and contact - greatly appreciated.

Ramona, I have your email, I will email soon.


Sarah Rodgerson said...

Hey Laura
All I know about PEI is that we cannot have both open at the same time, not sure the rational or any other info beyond that! Good luck


Barb said...

Hi laura! Look forward to hearing more about this as you dig into it. Be sure to keep us up to date.