Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm tired.

I'm tired...sick, exhausted, drained, bored or fed up...any of these words would work.

I'm tired of waiting.
I'm tired of the delays.
I'm tired of people asking "when?".
I'm tired of saying "Maybe next month."
I'm tired of no referral news.
I'm tired of blogging about the wait.
I'm tired of feeling like crap.
I'm tired of wondering.
I'm tired of having to defend my choices.
I'm tired of repeating myself over and over.
I'm tired of trying to stay busy to distract myself.
I'm tired of being my own advocate.
I'm tired of people feeling sorry for me.
I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself.
I'm tired of being consumed by this.
I'm tired of this running my life.
I'm tired of being excited for everyone else.
I'm tired of caring.
I'm tired of thinking about this all day long.
I'm tired of the drama.
I'm tired of complaining.
I'm tired of the system.
I'm tired of watching each month go by.
I'm tired of having to ask so many questions.
I'm tired of being asked all the questions.
I'm tired of getting my hopes up.
I'm tired of trying to plan our life around this.
I'm tired of the unknown.
I'm tired of the process.
I'm tired of being tired.

I'm tired.

What are you tired of?


lyndsey&kevin said...

Dido. this blows

Carolyn said...

You took the words out of my mouth- I am tired of everything that you are tired of. Well said! I also agree with Lyndsey- this sucks!


Greg & Leanne said...

This is just prepping you for the sleepless nights of a new baby :) Postive thoughts.
He gives you nothing you can't handle.


Melissa said...

I'm tired too. And so I've somehow managed to put this on the backburner of my mind, and have consciously decided to move on with life. I've applied for other jobs, knowing I might shoot myself in the foot by doing it. I've stopped talking about it, except here and with family. I found it really hard to anticipate this long wait, and so now, I just soothe myself by shopping for little things for my girl, and avoid talking about it by telling anyone who asks, "It'll be a LOOOONG time." They don't ask again. It sucks to have to separate myself like this and pretend I don't care, but I don't know how else to cope.

Rana and Yvan said...

Uh Ya - you took the words right out of my mouth!

Lavonne said...

Yup, I hear ya.

andrea said...

I'm tired of not feeling like myself anymore.

I'm tired of feeling like something so important is so out of my control.


Sharla said...

yep. tired.

supermommy said...



The Warren Family said...

hey there,
I guess I have not been posting as much because I reached a point where it was eating away at me and I had to give myself some distance. I feel "tired" too! I really hope this summer brings some good news for all of us! I enjoy following your blog and even though I have not posted as much the last few months I pop by all the time to see what is new with you guys (-: I guess I am not "tired" enough to stop my regular blog stalking - haha