Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A year in review.

To celebrate the one year mark let's go back a few years to better days...

My poor baby Lilypie just fell off the end of my tracker and had to start right back at the beginning - sometimes that is how I feel about this journey. I looked back at all my monthly entries over the past year and the following words decribe my feelings at each month of waiting:

1. Excited, naive
2. Hopeful, positive
3. Disappointed
4. Pissed, deceived
5. Numb, scared to feel
6. Energized
7. Feeling close
8. Realistic, trying to find distractions
9. No end in sight, bored
10. Never felt better, completely distracted
11. Reflective, moving forward

And now, the best words to describe completing month 12 would be...ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I wonder what 13 will bring...


The Mannings said...

wow - gotta love seasame st!!! Congrats on staying sane for 12 months - come on referrals!!!!!

D Dae said...

I sure hope things start moving soon. I for one will very happily go sooner rather than later to pick up our young man to make room for your little cupcake!

Alysia and Derrick said...

Wow, congrats on surviving a whole year! Your time MUST be coming SOON!! Can't wait to hear some good news from you very soon. Hang in there!

Sarah Rodgerson said...

"Happy" 12 months....that is 12 less that you have to wait to see your perfect child's face. Here's hoping that day comes soon.

Ramona said...

It's hard to watch your baby fall off the ticker and start at the beginning... 1 year is an accomplishment- I can't wait to see who this next year will bring to your family!!!

Natalie and Chris said...

I hope number 13 is the lucky number for you. You are in my thoughts. Nat