Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Latte Drinking Yuppy"

I made the mistake of reading a few comments after my interviews with CTV, CBC (local and national), CNN, and Wpg Free Press. "Latte Drinking Yuppy" was only one of the many names I have been called over the past couple weeks. Man, people are so uneducated and ignorant. I actually stopped reading comments after only a few (of 100s) - I was beginning to take the comments so personally, considering my face was in the photos. To combat this ignorance (if it is even possible), the local organization I volunteer for (Friends of Adoption Manitoba) submitted an article to the Wpg Free Press over the weekend. What else can we do besides try to educate others????

As an update, we continue to fight - I can't seem to stop - but I am still not quite sure that people understand what we are fighting for - will people really care about those of us with no referrals? - Most people only see us as losing money and nothing else. How do we fight for something we never had? How do we express to others that our baby has been a part of our family for many years now and just because we have not seen his face doesn't make it any less painful or devastating that we may never will.

Our journey is still not over...


Melissa said...

I totally hear you. It does seem strange to outsiders though I'm sure, to hold so much love for a someday-baby that I've never met. They can't fully get it unless they're in it.
Keep fighting. And if you need anything from be, let me know. There seem to be a few powerplayers representing, and I don't know what the average Jan-caught-up-in-all-this-crap can do. Ideas? Send them my way.

Sarah said...

We did an interview with our local paper and I, too, made the mistake of reading some of the comments underneath the online article. It seems like only the ignorant, insensitive people have time to leave comments. A common topic under our article was "don't even think about trying to use taxpayers money for this." Obviously they didn't even READ the article since we stated that we didn't want money from the Ministry, just help to get a new agency. Anyway, people are cruel and I think your articles / interviews were very well done..... :)


Greg & Leanne said...

Fight! He is your's, even if you don't know his name.

Kirsten said...

My husband and I are from Winnipeg but are with CAFAC. We had watched your interviews and thought you came across very well. I still can't believe some of the comments that ignorant people have been writing. It gives me a heavy heart to think that there are people out there who are drawing conclusions based on misinformation. Are they my neighbours or my co-workers?

Therefore, I was so happy to see the article in the free press. We were on a plane heading to Edmonton and I nearly wrestled a fellow passenger for their paper so I could read it. I hope that it may have informed even a few more people about the truths of adoption.

Thank you so much for having the courage to speak up.