Friday, October 30, 2009

Sixteen with Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Pretty quiet month on anything adoption related. Not much to say. Not much to report. Just waiting to see what comes next. So, instead of the same old sob story, I thought I would highlight our fun filled Halloween/Christmas weekend.

Sara is ready for Halloween - she has been counting down for over a month - we are now only "one sleep" away! She is going as Ariel this year, with a bright red wig and all - so cute! She has quite a day on Saturday, with a Halloween Birthday party in the afternoon and tricker-treating in the evening - I think trying to monitor junk food intake will be a complete write off that day - so, I plan to just go with the flow and let her enjoy herself - although, I will probably regret saying that late Saturday evening when she is bouncing off the walls and I can't get her to bed!

Sunday morning we will be celebrating Christmas with Chad's parents (with a Halloween theme!). They leave to go down south for the winter next week and we won't see them again until spring. Yikes, I guess I better get Christmas shopping - at least this Christmas Eve won't be as busy this year :0)

Sunday evening is the annual Adoption Candle Lighting Ceremony to celebrate the start of Adoption Awareness Month. This will be the 5th annual event and we are hoping for a great turnout - music, homemade instruments, adoption stories, and snacks - sounds fun to me!!

Busy weekend...but all fun stuff!

Yesterday was a good day! We received our first official email from the new Imagine. It gave no indication of time lines, but it was extremely positive and included lots of details about communications and moving forward - after reading the email, I smiled...I felt more excitement about our future then I have in the long time - it was a really great feeling.


lyndsey&kevin said...

wow, have a great weekend. I am glad to hear you are more positive on the adoption front!!! good news all around... and btw your daughter is gorgeous!!!!!

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

Hang in there. 16 is a lot of months but as you said, the news from Imagine yesterday was encouraging. I think it gave a lot of us an extra bounce in our step...wonder when the next one will be?
Happy Sugar Weekend :) (Maybe you should make sure you match Sara's consumption so you can keep up when she's bouncing off the walls late at night.)

Stephanie said...

My post was the same at sixteen months not much left to say is there!!

So glad to hear about the positive news from Imagine. Your referral is just around the corner. I'm praying you get the best Christmas present ever!!

Steph :-)