Friday, October 16, 2009

Virtual Friends

"So, I have this friend...well, it's someone I blog with, an adoption friend I found online...I have never actually met or spoken with her...but what else would I call her??" Over the past year or so, I have repeated similar phrases when referring to my virtual blogging friends, while talking about adoption with family, friends, co-workers and others. At first, people looked at me a bit sideways as I referred to (what may seem like) 'virtual strangers' as 'virtual friends' - but I am confident that many of my blogging buddies can relate.

As time has passed, it is interesting that many people in my life are now expecting updates from me on all my 'virtual friends' asking "have you heard anything more about so-and-so?", "What is happening with their adoption?", "Did they get their referral yet?", “Are they home?” – The irony is that I know as much information as the people asking – following along online, blog by blog and post by post. However, the difference for me is the bond I share with my fellow bloggers - our adoption journeys - only those who have experienced any part of the journey can truly understand its meaning, depth, and emotions.

Regardless of whether I simply 'stalk' a blog, comment on a post or take the leap to send a personal email, it is still amazing how invested I have become in the lives of people I have never met. And at this point, I have almost become dependent on the support, words of encouragement, understanding, and the occasional (((((hug)))))...all the things friends do for us - virtual or otherwise.

I believe that everyone is brought into our life for a reason and that every encounter we have with someone is an opportunity to share, learn, and grow.

Who knew you could meet so many amazing people from coast to coast and beyond without ever having to leave your home?


The Hattons... said...

I hear you in every aspect!

Stephanie said...

I know exactly how you is so great to have support from people who "get it"!!!!!! Even my husband is starting to remember my blogging friends!!

Steph :-)

Alysia and Derrick said...

Very cool post. I feel the same way. I absolutely LOVE it when my "virtual friends" leave comments on my blog, and you are one of the most faithful at that. So thanks!

Rana and Yvan said...

It is phenomanal the bond we create with people thru their blogs.

You feel like you know them so well even though you have never met.

And you do in a way different from someone you have a more intimate way.

I know for me I open my heart more on my blog then I probably do face to face with is easier because I can't see people roll their eyes or look at me like I am crazy when I complain yet again that I am tired of the waiting.

My mom actually follows a lot of the blogs I do thru my blog and often times she is more up-to-date on what is happening than I am :)

Thanks, to you, for being one of the peeps I depend on regularily and whose blog I love reading becaue of your honesty and candor.

much love,


Hi said...

Wow, can I relate to the loveliness of having friends you've only ever met online. It's rather odd to feel close to people I've never met, but I DO feel close to these folks. Thanks for expressing that well!

Ruth :)

emily and mike said...

So true Laura! I have friends too who now follow your blog and others and ask me how YOU are doing! So funny, as if we were just out for coffee last week or something!
What a strange but wonderful world this blog-land is!

Janice said...

Blog on virtual friend, blog on.

I feel the same, sort of oddly attached to people I have never met.


Rebecca said...

I totally agree and really think its a great support for us all. I place to vent without feeling guilty and to rejoice with those who really get it. It's truly great.

Jenny said...


Jen your virtual friend forever!

D Dae said...

I can totally relate to the "I have this friend... who I have never actually met.... but I know her really well.... but never actually heard her voice..." discussions!! :)

Your virtual friend

Sharla said...

I don't know how I would have gotten through the past two years without my virtual friends. As much as my family and my "in real life" friends may care, they can't understand the different stages that you go through on the adoption journey and all the emotions that go along with that.

Sarah Rodgerson said...

Great post, I agree with it all. I too have people who ask me "So how are things going with that family who....." They never know the names but know the stories I am always sharing about virtual friend's adoption expereinces!

From you virtual Friend,

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said... a virtual friend :) I'd like to let you know that BDO has just updated their site! Yay. :) It's a great way to start a new week...

Greg & Leanne said...

You are more than a virtual friend to me :)

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Very well said! I echo you :)