Sunday, January 24, 2010

The logic of a 5-year-old

If only life was as simple as the logic of a are few of my recent favorites...
"Whoever is taller, is older."
"If you have grey/white hair, you must be a grandma or grandpa."
"Once you are old, you start growing young again."
"Where do flu-bugs live when they are not inside our body?"

Sara: "Aren't you so glad that when a mommy is not ready to be a mommy, she finds a different mommy and daddy to love and take care her baby? I want someone to give a baby to me when I am big, just like me!"

A few days after reading our book about the birds and bees, Sara informed us that "If we just 'make lots of love' our baby will come. If we love each other a whole bunch, our baby will come faster."

Mommy: "Sara, we are going to my friend's house today to visit her new baby."
Sara: "What color is it?"
Mommy: "Her house?"
Sara: "No, the baby."

Mommy: "Sara, who are you going to marry when you grow up?"
Sara: "Daddy!!!"
Mommy: "Who else? Because you can't marry Daddy, he is already married to me!"
Sara: " Well, some girls have lots of rings on their fingers, so I can marry Daddy too!"
Mommy: ?????


Ruth Branson said...

These are great quotes (and sound so much like things MY five-year-old would say) - it's great that you're recording them to remember later. Their logic is just so amazing and precious at this age!


darci said...

those are awesome! i love th ethings kids say, and kudos to you for writing them down! darci

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

I love it.
Noah (4 1/2) thinks the same thing about age and size. My husband is 33 and a friend turned 31 today. So, Noah made the comment that "obviously", Daddy is bigger than Kevin, right Mama?!
The many rings thing though - that's classic.

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

PS: Loved your "NEVER GET BETWEEN A MAMA AND HER BABY" line. Thanks for the smile and tears welled.

Janice said...

Too cute. It's great to have it all written down so it can never be forgotten.


Sharla said...