Monday, May 10, 2010

Exclusive Record Breakers

Only a small few can be place in such an exclusive club...

Tallest and shortest man

Largest igloo Tallest dog

Biggest bubble

Largest Diamond
Longest ears
Biggest pinata
Most tattoos
Biggest rubber band ball
Longest hair
Oldest male stripper

Longest waiting family for a single child referral from Ethiopia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone (from the bottom of a monkey's ass) who played a part in making this possible. Reaching this title is something I NEVER thought could ever happen to us - to break this record leaves me speechless and is truly indescribable (unless you count throwing up a little in my mouth as a good description?). And I truly hope nobody ever breaks this record!


Ramona said...

This is not a record you want to make! And, I so wish you didn't make it either. I'm so sorry that you are still waiting and that you still have time to search the web for photos of the oldest stripper... Come on referral!!!


Sarah said...

I hope you sent that last pic with your dossier. ;)

emily and mike said...

Oh Laura, you are so funny. I can't believe you are the longest waiting family with IA. That is crazy.
You deserve that call NOW! Now people.

until then.... spoil yourself!

Ruth Branson said...

Well, I can't believe that that dog is real, and there's seriously something OFF with that older stripper's abdomen (looks like butt cheeks in the front!), but hardest to believe is the length of the wait to date.

I hope it's coming soon Laura...and I believe it is!


Dana said...

That's a great pic! I think it is one you should send your little boy/girl when you get your referral (which is coming sooooon).

Janice said...

Ha, ha, ha... Your pics made me laugh but the reality is that I know this is no laughing matter. It's a record that nobody wants to hold. You know how badly I can't wait for you to get the call.

Oh and I agree with Sara, that family shot should be in your file or you could send it to Imagine with your next email requesting info. about when the referral is coming.


Jenny said...

bahhahha!!!! I am so glad you are still able to have a sense of humour right now Laura. It is true, this wait is crap....from the bottom of a very smelly monkeys ass.

Thinking of you all daily


Melissa said...

I'm so sorry that you're still waiting. If I hadn't seen Jenny eating her sock last month, I'd have bet your referral would have come by now. Seriously, it has to be right around the corner. I'll pray that you'll see the face of your sweet babe soon.