Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Day We Must Not Forget

One year ago, on July 13, 2009, I logged onto the forum and read the first rumours of the bankruptcy, which were soon confirmed as fact.

I have debated posting about this particular day, but soon realized that if we do not remember the past, we may forget how far we have come. And as devastating as the tragedy of those first days were, the commitment and accomplishments in the days and months following is what I reflect on today.

The panic and fear that set in those first couple of days still brings chills to me. It is amazing to think how quickly everyone snapped out of the shock of the devastating news and moved full-force into action.

Someone once asked me why I was not angry at S.H. for all she had put us through. And my answer was that I had chosen to funnel my anger into fighting instead – if I spent my energy being angry, I would have become consumed with rage and resentment and never could have accomplished anything…that would have also meant that ‘she’ had won – and I was not doing to let that be an option. Oh, don't get me wrong, if I ever ran into that wench on the street, I can think of several choice words to share with her - and hopefully someone would be there to stop me from pouncing - like I said, I may not be angry, but I'll fight.

Commitment, passion, dedication, determination and a bit of stubbornness all played a part in the cross-Canada movement that took shape over the weeks following the bankruptcy and it still astonishes me at how much was accomplished in only a few months. I find it ironic that the old agency often “warned” us of our use of blogs and forums – cautioning us about what we read and what we posted. And in the end, I truly believe that if it was not for these medias, we would not have accomplished what we had, or as quickly. Hundreds of posts, ideas, and information were shared daily – we were efficient, fast, and united. Letters, phone calls, media interviews, meetings, etc., our voices were being heard loud and clear. I often wonder where we would be if this had happened even 15 years ago, with us trying to do the same thing without forums, blogs, or facebook – virtually impossible I believe.

Not only did the families affected directly by the bankruptcy jump into action, but people all around us made a commitment to help – family (near and far), colleagues, experts, politicians, close friends, distant friends, old friends, friends of friends, even strangers. It was incredible to witness such human compassion.

We, of course, were not without our critics. Those who questioned or doubted, and even mocked, our efforts. I was not without doubt myself - There were moments when I wondered whether this was bigger then all of us and whether we were working so hard only to fail. There is no question that time was one of the hardest in my life. But for others to not understand the consequences and significance of what had happened was hurtful and ultimately helped me to fight even harder.

The efforts of all our hard work began to take sharp and soon we could celebrate a new beginning. I once again could feel our dreams awakening.

And then, the moment we had all been waiting for, only 5 months after our world came crumbling down around us. We fought every waking minute for this very moment - the first referral of the NEW Imagine.

Although we have a long way to go, this day is not to think about how much further we still have, but to celebrate how far we have come.

Never stand between a mother and her child...you will ALWAYS lose.


darci said...

I love your quote "never stand between a mother and her child. YOu will always lose." amen sister! :)
what a year it has been. It's hard to believe it's BEEN a year. How I hope that this month shows several more referrals..what a great anniversary gift that would be! darci

Jenny said...

yup I am crying....very powerful...I never cry, I am like a rock you know. Keep fighting girl, you are so right, a mother will ALWAYS win!!!


Ruth Branson said...



Sharla said...

So true!

How far you have come!

I am rooting for you my fellow CNN star!!!

BCMommy said...

Double Amen!

You are absolutely correct!! I was just thinking about the fact that the old IA had told me, in a phone call when I was asking a question related to something online, that I should be smart and stay off the boards and blogs. There was a thinly veiled threat that using those media forums could jeopardize our file. Can you fathom what would have happened to us all had we not had the yahoo board? We would have all just folded up into ourselves and for many, it would have been the end of the dream. But here we stand, one year later, united as ever, with beautiful children now home; a testament to what can happen when people fight for what they believe in and love. Our babies. I have made connections online with people who KNOW what this is like because they are living it too. You cannot get that kind of support anywhere else.

Three cheers for us today! It is extra special because there was a lovely referral today, too!!!!