Friday, March 18, 2011

Confession Friday, March 18

I confess that I have an opportunity to send Seth another care package with a friend who will traveling (VERY SOON I hope) to pick up her sweet boy and bring him home. I am completely stumped - what do we send our 2-year-old son? I plan on sending a few more pictures of our family, but have no idea whatsoever what else to send our special boy - a toy, a book, a puzzle, art supplies??? It needs to be small and light-weight for my friend to travel with. HELP!!!! What would you send if you had a 2-year-old son living in Ethiopia????????

I confess that I am CRAZY busy at work right now.

I confess that I sometimes get sad and jealous when I see SO many people passing us by in this adoption journey. Of course I am also happy for everyone at every point along the way - referral, passing court, documents to Nairobi, visa, travel - BUT it's sometimes just so hard to take when we have been waiting for so long, have so many unanswered questions, and still have no end in sight (or if there is an end at all). I know everyone has their own hurtles and crosses to bare, but it is hard not feel a bit sorry for myself and sometimes wish that it was us instead of them - Does that make me an awful person?

I confess that my grandma was the most hilarious senior, but only after she hit about 85 years. She was pretty quick in her old age (up until the last couple years at least). As a teenager I used to die of embarrassment by some of the things she would say to me, and in front of my boyfriend of all people... I look back now and I just howl at the thought. One of my favorites was the last thing she would say to you before she said good-bye - "If you can't be careful" (this coming from my Roman Catholic grandmother). Another good one was when I took her from lunch to Boston Pizza and while she was looking at the menu she said "Oh well, will you look at that, a nooner (pizza). That's what your grandfather used to come home for in the middle of the afternoon." AHHHH, STOP, you're burning my ears.

I confess that Chad picked up our new armoire this week - I love it!!! But that's not the confession. When he went to pick it up he went to the back door of the store to load it in the van. One of the girls working there opened the big garage door and said she would be back soon and began to close the door. As she was walking away Chad slipped inside to stay warm before the door closed. As he was standing there waiting he overheard the girl say to her co-worker "OMG, you have to see the guy who is here picking up. He's sooooo cute!!!!" Well, OMG is right - talk about stroking an ego that does not need anymore stroking. He of course came straight home and told me while he literally strutted like a chicken while telling me the story. Oh please...

I confess that I am sooooo looking forward to our Vegas trip next month - I so need to get out of my own head.

I confess that spring cannot come fast enough. GO snow GO!!!

I confess that I NEVER answer the phone when I'm at home. The phone will be sitting right next to me and if I don't recognize the number (and even sometimes when I do), I just let it ring - Chad will jump up and run across the room before I'll reach over and answer it. Chad has accepted this about me and doesn't even question who will answer the phone, he knows it's him. AND if and when I do answer it, it is certain that the conversation will be a short one. IF you have had the opportunity to talk to me on the phone for more than five minutes consider yourself very special. Same goes with answering the door...even when I know who it is.

I confess that it takes me over a week to adjust to daylight savings - in the fall and spring. This goes for time changes when I travel too. In fact, I usually stay on MY time when travelling, then I don't have to adjust to a new time. I leave my watch on MY time and I always have to count to see what time it is whereever I am. However, this did not work in Ethiopia with the 9 hour time difference...


Hi from Ruth! said...

Hmm...some ideas for a two year old:

- crayons and a blank pad of paper
- hot wheels car
- dump truck
- thomas the train car
- picture book
- a book that plays sounds when you press the buttons
- nerf ball (football, soccer ball); they're super soft
- large blocks (could be a set of 9 large, soft blocks)
- a handful of duplo pieces
- magnetic drawing board

Anything grabbing you??

Thinking of you...looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


darci said...

oh my word, I loved these! i I howled thru some of them..your gramma would have CRACKED me up!! too too funny. no ideas for a 2 year old son, sorry, i have girls! :) I am the same, I admit it, with the phone..if I don't know the number, leave a message :) I LOVE caller ID, lol! And no, "it" doesn't make you an awful person..I understand completely. I think you can be thrilled for others and still feel resentment?fear?whatever..that it is not happening to/for you..hoping hoping that whatever is going on with Seth's adoption gets resolved very very quickly!

shannon said...

HI Laura,
Great post
I can not say I am a fan of the phone pretty bad habit when you live alone.

I think you can feel not just sorry for yourself, I hope some days you can get down right ragging mad at how unfair it is , This does not mean you are not happy for others but please let the madness out sometimes.

Love Ruth toys idea,
I work with kids and one toy that has tons of staying power is a small magna doodle ( I am pretty sure it is Fisher Price ) but they make a travel one and the crayon ( magnet ) is attached so can not get lost.

I confess that I would do anything to come and hang out with both you and Ruth tomorrow.

Sending more courage your way

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea I saw yesterday and thought of you right away....At Hallmark they sell books that you can record your voice reading it to him. They have the book, "Guess how much I love you." What an awesome way for him to connect with you and get to know your voice.


Dancin' Momma said...

I am the same with the phone and door. I hate talking on the phone. In person or email is the best. :)

Your Grandma rocks! I totally will be THAT grandma one day.

Send a nice super comfy shirt that he can wear all the time. Or the recordable books that someone else mentioned.

lyndsey&kevin said...

Morning chickita. It is friday- YAY!

Sending you a big HUG!


Katie said...

Your grandmother sounds hilarious! :)

and it is perfectly fair to be sad and jealous of people passing you by in the adoption journey, and does NOT make you an awful person. It's hard to be the one who is supposed to wait patiently while other people get what you want.

Ideas for Seth's care package:
- a laminated drawing by Sara
- bouncy balls
- plastic animals or people
- nesting blocks to build towers
- cars, trains, trucks
- puppets
- small musical instruments like a kazoo, castanets, etc
- picture books - we really like Grumpy Bird, The Water Hole, and the indestructible ones (

La Belle Vie said...

I've been thinking of you endlessly.
I m praying everyday for you that everything works out soon. Doug has been reading your blog as well. We are always rooting for you! xx

ps. Your Grandma is hilarious!

John and Alicia said...

Do not worry about the weight or size of the package for Seth!! I will bring a suitcase for you if you want! :)

Hope you have a nice weekend and Monday brings you some joyous news.

Jennifer said...

I don't think I usually post on your comments, I more blog stalk, but I just gotta say this post cracked me up! I feel the SAME way about other adoption people, so no, it doesn't make you a bad person at all--or maybe it does, and I'm right there with yah!-HA!

I don't have my babe here yet (just got a referral in Feb.)--but I must say that 2 years old WOULD be hard to shop for-cuz honestly, it seems like all the great boy toys say 3+ on it--grrr...

I am soooo the same way about the phone, usually I do go over to it, look at the caller ID, and most often than not I usually don't answer it--I'll tell my husband that is Mom called, and he'll say 'what did she want', I'll say 'I don't know, I didn't answer it'-BAWHAHAHA!!! If you knew me at all, you'd know that I kind of have this weird phone phobia thing, don't really like talking on it, unless it's my Mom-HA!

I love your confession Fridays, keep em' up!

Janice said...

He, he, he, I loved these confessions.

I'm so similar with the phone and the watch (time change) thing. I can never remember how to change the time on my watch and hate answering the phone if I don't know who it is (or sometimes I do know and just don't feel like talking).

Hopefully I get to meet Chad (the stud muffin) in person one of these days.

Looking forward to catching up.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, If you're still in need of ideas, I sent Grace a small teddy bear with pictures of her brothers pinned on as buttons. It was in one of the update photos I received when we were waiting for her. Now it never leaves her bed and she knows its her toy from Ethiopia.