Friday, March 25, 2011

Confession Friday, March 25

I confess that I asked Sara the other day how old she thought I was. She thought for a moment and said "65?" - "NO, that's how old Grandma is!" - "OK, then maybe you're like 50?" I stopped the conversation at that point...

I confess that I PVRed the final episode of Hannah Montana so we (OK fine, so "I") wouldn't miss it. When Sara and I were watching, Sara got bored halfway through and went to her room to play. I kept calling to her "Sara, come back and finish watching!" - because sitting with a six-year-old and enjoying a children's show just seems much better than watching it alone.

I confess that our refrigerator has become the "Shrine of Seth" over the passed few months. I literally have no more magnets to hold up his pictures. Sara said the other day "We're going to take those down when Seth comes home, right? We keep ALL those on the fridge only because he is not home yet, right mom?"

I confess that Sara was looking through her "birds and bees" book, called "It's Not the Stork" (great book by the way), the other day and said "Look at this, I know that is the testicles" as she pointed with confidence to the umbilical cord of the newborn??? Clearly her brother is not home yet. I think I should probably read that book WITH her again.

I confess that I can't stand it when parents call genitals by nicknames. A nose is a nose. An arm is an arm. A toe is a toe. And a vagina is a vagina. What the hell is a foo-foo, front bum, pee-pee, too-too, hoo-ha, wee-wee, la-la, ya-ya, ding-ding, nu-nu, pee-wee, cha-cha, whoo-whoo, etc... Come on people, seriously, read these names and tell me they don't sound absolutely ridiculous. V-A-G-I-N-A and P-E-N-I-S, say it with me, they aren't bad words.

I confess that we were told this week that things are looking "positive"... yet a WHOLE batch of families have just passed us by yet AGAIN. I just want to cry.

I confess that Seth's update pictures should be coming today or Monday. YIPPEE!!!!

I confess that I'm becoming a little bored with blogging lately. I'm just feeling kind of blah and don't have much adoption news to talk about these days - well, I guess I could go on and on and on about the continuous and agonizing waiting and unknowns, but I'm not here to torture you.

I confess that everyone needs to check out my fellow bloggers new website Adoption Magazine. It is an online source for information, support, and encouragement to those whose lives have been touched by adoption. AND keep an eye out, a few of my posts will be featured in the magazine too!

I confess that I LOVE Keen shoes. I have had one pair of shoes for a while and just got a new pair of sandals for my birthday and I am itching to wear them this summer. These are two pairs that I have.


Hi from Ruth! said...

OK, I laughed outright when I read of your disdain for nick-named body parts!! I am SO WITH YOU on that But you forgot one. When I was growing up, it was called my "down there!" I so decided when Matthew was born that there would be none of that! Of course, when he first asked the coffee shop woman if she, too, being a woman, had a vagina, I blushed myself into wishing I'd rethought all of my theories, but oh well...too late by that point! At least she answered with a resounding "yes."

On a different note, I am sorry that I am a family who has now passed you by. I don't want to pass you by. You should have had this thing DONE so long ago, and I'm sorry beyond words that it hasn't happened...yet. I'm so glad that things are looking better, but I'm sorry for what you're going through in the meantime. May it come asap now, and just maybe you and I will get to travel together to pick up our kids!

Continuing to pray,

Ruth xx

darci said... part of that post, all I can say is "bahaahaahaahaaa!"" (that is a veryloud chortle....) Oh my word, that was funny...
I am so sorry that things are not moving so much faster for you...hoping and praying that "looking positive" results in some very very good news soon...I think of you (and Seth!) often.
And I love keens! I have a pair I bought at winners years ago..but I REALLY love the ones you have, so I may have to find out where to go buy them!
Hoping and praying for you! Darci
and yes!! I will probably have many questions...I hope soon! :)
Mark said "well, I think I should be the one to go." I said "nope"...I've fallen in love, now...

Ramona said...

Your confessions have me thinking so many things...As for your Shrine of Seth, I just realized I still have most of our photos from waiting spread out around the house. And as for nick-names for body parts, we have M telling everyone that P has a penis. And we haven't been quite into telling the littles all the body part names, but the other day P asked his daddy if he could play testicle! After questioning this, it turns out he wanted to play with his tricycle! I haven't yet really told my kids about vagina's becasue my friend's kid once phoned to tell me she had a vagina and she pees from it- girls don't pee from it and I keep hearing that little girls are told by their moms they do...
Oh I hope your update photos come today. But more so, I hope for movement on your file so Seth can soon be with his family.

Sharla said...

I am with you on the body parts thing. I have a friend whose mom called it a "birdie" and then as she got older, she was very confused when other moms talked about flying birdies!!!

I also giggle picturing you sitting alone on the couch watching Hannah Montana.

Thanks so much for the shout out about the website!

Katie said...

I totally watch kids shows with Owen and keep watching when he gets bored and leaves, and try to entice him back so I'm not just sitting there enjoying Curious George or whatever by myself. :)

And I agree with you about body part names - I laughed so hard at your post! A friend of mine got royally embarrassed in grade school because her family used the words "poke" and "dewey" for vagina and penis, and she volunteered the answers with much gusto when asked to name parts.

lyndsey&kevin said...

Agreed on the body parts.. nurses HATE nicknamed body parts and we TEACH parents all the time... come on people get with the program. I also HATE pople saying BIG BOY PANTS or BIG GIRL BED... no they are NOT.. they are underwear or a toddler bed...

I have the SAME Keens as you (shoes not sandals).

Keep blogging or I'll implode... we MUST stop together;)


Jenny said...

I agree with you about the body parts and nicknames. I see it all the time at work when kids are disclosing. It becomes so important that kids know the correct name. I am known for saying "doodle..what is a doodle?" "You mean your PENIS?"

However, for a little while K called her vagina a penis, but when you have three brothers that can be confusing.
Now K and I are the "vagina team" She makes sure every day...",mom you have a vagina, I have a vagina, you have a vagina, I have a vagina...go team!"
soooo she is all straightened out now.
PS I like Zack and Cody the Suite life......

Jenny and K...the VAGINA team!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was hilarious.
Sara must be hilarious like her mama!

So glad you have the update to keep you going. Hopefully next week will bring many good things for you.


emily and mike said...

I LOVE that you finished watching Hannah Montana by yourself! And I agree with you on the whole calling body parts by their body parts.

I so hope you get some good news soon Laura. I can't imagine how hard it must be watching people pass you by. xoxo

Janice said...

A "front bum" really a "front bum" I have never heard of that one - I'm cracking up.

Keep blogging cause some of your confessions are so funny, I just want more.

I have a pair of keens too. Wore them all the time for about a year when I first got them but I've left them in the closet for a long while now. With the onset of spring, I should get them out again.

My boys always want a time machine to get us to places quicker. I wish I had a time maching to transport you to getting Seth sooner - like today.


La Belle Vie said...

This post was great!! You have a wonderful sense of humor!

I am thinking of you constantly and looking forward to celebrating your good news very soon hopefully! xx