Friday, March 04, 2011

Confession Friday, March 4

I confess that I have not been in the mood for confessions lately.

I confess I have a big zit on the top of my lip and it is killing me...ouch!

I confess that it is my birthday tomorrow and I am turning 37. Am I still in my mid-30s or do I have to say that I am in my late-30s now? Double ouch!! No plans and that's OK by me, just want to be home with my fam. And I'm sure everyone can guess what my birthday wish will be...

I confess that Chad calls me "Big Bird" - for my height...and my big nose :) - and surprisingly this is a complement to me!!

I confess that we found out this week that Seth has the Chicken Pox. Poor little man. I wish I was the one cuddling him and rubbing calamine lotion on all his itchy bumps.

I confess that Chad and I had a dishwasher-emptying stand off last week and I finally lost after four days, I couldn't stand it anymore. I emptied it and then I filled it up with all the dishes sitting on top of the counter, THEN had to emptied it AGAIN the same day...

I confess that I was a bit disappointed that no one commented on my last two posts. Don't get me wrong, I don't think anyone owes me a comment, I've just come to expect at least a couple comments from my peeps...does that make me a blog snob???

I confess that Sara and I went to see the new Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never, and I really liked it. That kid really does have talent and determination. OH MAN, I've been "Biebered" and I didn't even see it coming...

I confess that, reluctantly and slowly, we have started working on Seth's bedroom - the theme is "The World", with green, orange, blue, and grey colors, but nothing too fancy.

I confess that I am getting as sick and tired as you are having to listen to our constant adoption drama as I am having to live it. When will it END so we can just be "normal"? It has been 5 weeks since we passed court and still no news about our documents. I liked what my friend said the other day - we ARE "The Song That Doesn't End" and just as annoying.

I confess that I remember watching this show when I was a child. I loved that Lamb Chop. I guess I really am 37!!!


Maria said...

I confess that i totally forgot to comment on the last 2 posts! I loved the laughing baby, i cracked me up for sure!

I hope the papers for Seth will come in soon!
Thinking about you and your family


Stephanie said...

I too loved the laughing baby but was laughing too much to comment!! :-)

Hope you have a great birthday and ALL your birthday wishes come true!!

Steph :-)
PS I'm as old as you and totally forgot about that show....I watched it too!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Laura. This year will be Epic!

Ramona said...

Happy Birthday Laura! To make you feel young, know that I am a few days older then you... And we are still along ways from getting old... right?
I'm so praying for things to get together for Seth's visa. This drama needs to get to the part where you are together. And knowing he's got chicken pox and no mommy with him makes me want to cry.

BCMommy said...

Aw, sorry! I guess I was too busy laughing at the baby to comment, too!
I hate it when people don't comment either. I feel like I am writing for no one...

I remember Sheri and Lambchop! my brother actually had a lambchop puppet that was identical to the real thing. She had the most annoying voice, didn't she??
I guess that dates me, too. I'll be 37 in October. Downhill slide to 40...sigh....
Have a great birthday tomorrow! I hope you get what you are wishing for ;)


Hi from Ruth! said...

OK, let's see what I can remember:
- first, happy birthday!!!! You young pup, you! I'm ancient next to you...and shorter.

- second, I can't stand not getting comments on my blog posts, either!! It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, I go back and read the post and wonder if it was a real dud! Yours, however, weren't. I, too, watched the laughing baby thing and loved it. Oh to be that uncomplicated.

- I wish for YOUR sake that you could be an adoption story that ends already. It's been long enough. No doubt about that. But if the best things in life are worth waiting for, just imagine how good it's going to be to finally have that boy home after your loooong wait!!!!

- when I hear about the chicken pox thing, all I can think of is - yay, he's getting it over with - one less thing to worry about some day. But that's just insensitive me!

May your birthday dreams come true, Laura.

Call you soon and we'll make plans for coffee...can hardly wait.


lyndsey&kevin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I confess I am glad you are older than me;)

My birthday is looming and it is getting me down... I am HOLDING at 29.

I confess I am tired of all our CRAP... it is time for the next phase...

Connie said...

Happy Birthday! We're the same age! I like to stick with "mid 30s" too. We're not in our late 30s!

I also really hate when no one comments on my blog. I get all down about myself.

Ranavan said...

ah ha ha! Lamb Chops!! I loved Lamb Chops when I was kid - I had a hand puppet of her. *squeeeee*

O.k. Happy Birthday dear Friend!!!! Being 2 years your senior I have to say you are JUST IN YOUR 30'S, not midor early or late - HA HA HA!


Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

And of course I hope that your birthday wish comes true. :)

Kelly said...

*Happy Birthday Laura!*
You are still young!
I lost count at 32 years, my children correct me when I miss speak my age. 37 is a good age my friend!
Praying for Seth's paper work to come soon!

Jenny said...

Well Happy Birthday!


alicia said...

I hope you get your Bday gift on monday... in your inbox!

I can't for this adoption drama to be over for you too. Some day soon we are going to celebrate. Virtual celebration. haha

Hope you enjoy your bday friend!

Katie said...

better late than never....happy belated birthday! :)

and sorry you lost the dishwasher standoff...we sometimes play "garbage jenga" in our house, but I usually win!

Sharla said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was everything (well almost everything) that you wanted it to be!