Monday, August 09, 2010

Guess who we visited?

Can you guess who we had the opportunity to visit, just by looking at the first picture? If you read her blog, you will certainly recognize the four friends Sara met!!We were travelling west to see family and we stopped in Saskatoon for a visit with Rana and Yvan. It was so great to spend time with such wonderful company. Rana is exactly who she is on her blog - she has a fun and energetic spirit, at the same time, a gentle and warm heart. We were able to talk and chat and share with ease, which came as no surprise. And to top it off, the food and accommodations were perfect.
I even had the opportunity to meet another friend while we were there - Laura! We share the same name and DTE and connected a while back. It was so great to finally put a face to an email!!
And seriously, Sara is in love. The first thing she did when she saw our family (that we haven't seen in over two years) was tell them ALL about the animals and showed off the dozens of pictures she had taken of them. And she kept telling everyone "They really liked me, you know. I took care of them and they did tricks for me."

Thank you Rana and Yvan for a your hospitality. It's our turn next time, and as we run around frantically after our boys, Sara can take care of your other four babies.

I cherish the friendships that this journey has brought me.


Sarah said...

Can I photoshop myself into one of those pictures?



Ruth Branson said...

Sounds fun!


Curvy Runner said...

Road Trippin' rocks! What an amazing thing this adoption journey is-you get to love a new family member and make amazing friends along the way.

Historica said...

Wow ! What a good idea to visit one another.

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

So fun.
Laura, how many pairs of glasses do you have? I counted at least two for three in your photos :)
Hope you enjoy the rest of your time it'll be with another carseat. YAY.

Ramona said...

Ok- I'm officially jealous. That was to me on that couch last summer...but our travel plans changed and we didn't get there. This summer I have no desire to drive with my van full...

But, seeing how much closer we live to each other, maybe in the fall I should come visit on your couch, Laura!


alicia said...

As soon as I seen the dogs I recognized them! lol
It's so nice that you were able to meet up!
I feel so far away! LOL


Ranavan said...


We had such a great time with you guys!

It was so easy and comfortable, like we had been friends forever :)

I say we meet next summer and go camping at Clearlake or Greenwater!!!!!

P.S. Sorry it took me so long to read and post here - My momma is in town and it has been crazy busy.

emily and mike said...

That is so awesome! I'm glad you all had a great time.

Love the pictures too!

Janice said...

I recognized all those cuties right off the bat.
OK, I'm jealous too... When are you road trippin to Ottawa? I even have a cat that Sara could take care of.

Just got back tonight from BC and I thought of you as we flew over Winnipeg. My heads still buzzing but I'll be firing off a longer email to you soon.