Friday, August 20, 2010

An update and a smile.

See this baby...

Don't you think he is beautiful?

Don't you want to kiss him all over?

Don't you just want to eat him up?

Well, I certainly do and I don't even know who the heck this kid is, I don't even know if it is a boy - found the picture randomly on some baby photo website, but I needed to give everyone a visual. So just imagine multiplying this cuteness by a trillion and that is what we received earlier today. To my very pleasant surprise, I found two precious pictures in my inbox of our growing and changing boy....still perfect in every way.

I immediately forwarded the pictures to Chad, with the subject line reading "CALL ME, I hope this makes you smile." I waited...and waited...and finally after a very long three minutes a message pop up in my inbox reading "I can't. I'm crying." Then I cried...while smiling.

Now let's get that court date!!!!!!!


darci said...

oh,,,that's so sweet! i am so happy for you guys and excited to see the real thing in pix. :) have a great weekend..try to sleep in between staring at those pictures! darci

Ramona said...

ok that's one cute kid, but not even close to the first photos you've shown me... Can't wait to meet up with you again to see your new photos! It's such a blessing to get new photos, but also makes it so hard to wait!
And what a great thing that they are going to keep booking courts even when closed this year!!! Last year they didn't and it was so so so hard to wait for them to open. I hope you hear good news before Sept!!


BCMommy said...

sweetest post! Come on, court date!!!

alicia said...

So happy for you!

shannon said...


So happy you have an update and more photo's to fall in love with

Come on court date !!!!!!
Cant wait to hear about your travel plans and the wonderful day you get to meet him.

Hold strong you are getting closer.

Anna said...

I hope you get that court date soon! Isn't it great getting update photos, even though it makes you more anxious to bring him home, I'm sure!

Melissa said...

What a big-hearted man you have. Great to hear you have new pics. Hope that when court goes through in the fall (I'm saying it!) you post all the pics you tell us about, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see them.

Derrick, Alysia, and Levi said...

Soooo exciting! I can't wait to see his real picture! So glad you got an update!

Jenny said...



Sharla said...

Oh, that's awesome! Picture updates are the best! Can't wait until you can start doing some travel planning. I am sure that your sweet boy is even cuter in person!

Janice said...

Awwww, great post. It is such a wonderful surprise to open your inbox only to find photos. Lets hope soon you can post them on your blog.