Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PLEASE DONATE - Crocs, Socks, and Underwear


As part of my travels to Ethiopia, I plan to visit several orphanages. WITH YOUR HELP, I am hoping to collect several key items/supplies that orphanages are in desperate need of.

Just send any of the following items to me by December 1, 2010!!!!
(email me for mailing address

NEW or Gently Used Children's Crocs
(Orphanages would like Crocs because they are antibacterial, durable, easy to wash and care for, and fully protect little feet from disease.)

NEW Children's Socks NEW Children's Underwear


elsie hiebert said...

Great idea. I also plan to do something similar when my time comes. Or should I say IF my time comes. A little down right now.

brandi said...

Count me in Laur. I will have all 3 for you. XO

Janice said...

Good for you Laura. Thomas and I have two extra large suitcases that are packed full for the kids. I have to admit, I never thought of underwear now I'll have to scramble to find some.

Dana said...
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Dana said...

I will send some for sure. December 1st is just around the corner!!!

A said...

Just let me know where to send them and I will! Any specific sizes or any size?

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

A, send me an email for my address(, I don't want to leave my mailing address on my public blog.

Cheers, Laura