Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Tag Team

Before I start this post I need to first include a disclaimer that Chad is THE most amazing dad and husband anyone could ever ask for - he is dedicated, loving, affectionate, compassionate, and so much fun - he can make Sara and I laugh and laugh and laugh. This post pokes fun of his silly side.

"Stop that you guys."
"Someone is going to get hurt."
"I'm not getting involved in this, sort it out yourself."
"If you guys make a mess, you have to clean it up too."
"Don't do that in the house, you might break something."
"Don't start that now, it's bedtime soon."

These are some of the voices of THE mom I often use when Sara and Chad get going on their playing. As much as I love watching them play, I sometimes feel like a single parent when something gets brewing with the two of them. But in the end, nothing can make Sara laugh better then a silly joke, game, or prank by Daddy.

However, there is one particular activity they do together that I just cannot give "the mom stamp of approval". This activity is a fairly recent one, like within the last 6 months or so, and it has now turned into a regular event on our living room floor.

It's wrestling...and not the competitive sports kind.

These are a few of things I have heard coming from my sweet baby girl's mouth (all heard from Chad originally) when a match gets going:

"Daddy, prepare for hurt!"
"Daddy there's a bird behind you, look that way...(CRASH)"
"Do you want to go to the hospital or the grave yard?"
"NOOOO, not the meatball."
"Mommy!!! Daddy is not playing fair."

I sit back watching this take place right before my eyes, shaking my head, and occasionally warning them about the potential consequences of their game - but most of the time I end up laughing along with them. I know I shouldn't, my mama brain knows better, but sometimes they are just too hilarious not to crack a smile.

Come on, just look at Chad's face, tell me these aren't hilarious (click on the pictures to make the collage bigger):

(thanks Ruth for the collage lesson)


Hi from Ruth! said...

Great photos...and story.

Glad you got the collage stuff figured out. Great isn't it??


Anonymous said...

BAAHAHAHAHA!! Love the one with her foot on his head holding his leg up. My guys used to chase each other around the house with foam blocks, and Daddy always had the largest pile of them. ("Mom!Dad's not being fair!" haha heard that too) And WHYYY did it always have to be at bedtime? Or just before trying to get them to sit at the table for a meal? Thanks for sharing...Chad you are still a nut case, love it.

Melissa said...

So funny, and what great pictures -- I hope you're a scrapbooker cause that would make a great page! I especially like the one where Sarah's got him in the mouth, and the bottom right one which I'll admit makes me a little nervous. But what fun! It's the big pro of having a dad to play with!

Melissa said...

Sorry, Sara not Sarah. My mistake!

emily and mike said...

So funny! I LOVE the pictures and I seriously can't believe the things your little girl says!!! She is so hilarious.

And by the way, thanks for your note on my blog. Don't worry, I had a smile the whole time while reading your comment : )

Ranavan said...


Janice said...

I love it!!!! That looks like so much fun.
Guess who else is going to LOVE wrestling with Sara and Chad?

Oh and by the way, Chad's a cutie. He, he.

alicia said...

So cute and funny!!

Jess & Darrell said...

those pictures made me laugh!! hilarious!!

darci said...

heehee! this is a common occurence in our house too...with three little girls dogpiled on daddy! sigh...I don't even try to stop it..just move the coffee table out of the way. the REALLy big hit is 'sword fighting' with foam swords from the dollar store. our littlest one at two has a pretty mean swing. :) great picx!