Friday, April 01, 2011

Confession Friday, April 1

I confess that it is April fools and I can't think of any good tricks to play on Chad.

I confess that we were told that we would likely hear good news by the end of last week, BUT it is the end of a NEW week and we are STILL waiting...GRRRRRRRRR.

I confess that I NEED this snow to just GO AWAY! Come on already, ENOUGH!

I confess that on most nights I go to bed between 8-9pm. I love love love sleeping. And if I don't get my sleep I am literally nonfunctional the next day. It excites me when Sara has a playdate or birthday party on a Saturday afternoon, cuz all I can think about is my wonderful glorious restful nap.

I confess that we went to see the Watoto African Children's Choir last weekend and we enjoyed them so much.
I confess that my nephew didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he saw our bird. This is his laugh-cry face.
I confess that my confessions are pretty pathetic this week.


darci said...

watoto children's choir is amazing, aren't they? i saw them when we FIRST started this adoption..and wow,were they great. oh sleep...mark and i always laugh at ourselves..glad we are not the only ones who go to bed so early..if the phone rings after ten we are usually startled out of a deep sleep thinking "who died?!!!"
so so hoping for good news for you..soon !

Ranavan said...

oh no - your poor nephew - he looks so scared!

Come on snow melt!!!!

And come one news!!!!!!!!!!! Enough!!!!! Little man needs to come home!!

lyndsey&kevin said...

Ha ha ha that picture makes me laugh. I like your bird! I have thought about getting a bird- we'll have to talk.

No news yet---- argggggggggggg


Carolyn said...

Can't wait till the Watoto Choir comes here in May!!!


John and Alicia said...

Can't wait for Watoto to come here in June!

Hope this week brings good news.

Connie said...

Watoto was out here? Aw man, now I'm mad I missed them! We always try to go see them when they're here.

shannon said...

I love the laugh cry face amazing photo !
As for Watoto I have cried and loved each concert.
This Spring they will be close to me again and I already have most of the songs stuck in my brain.
and confess my daughter has a pair of Keen's in a tiny size that have been locked away in a closet since 2008 cant wait to one day see them on her feet.