Friday, April 08, 2011

Confession Friday - Vegas Edition

I confess that we went to see “O” and it was by far my favorite Cirque du Soleil I have seen. It was amazing - I just can't believe how they used the water in the show. Highly recommended!!!

I confess that I don’t understand why anyone would pay to have their picture taken with a fat man wearing a bra and fishnet stockings.

I confess that we went for dinner on Wednesday evening (in Utah - we were there for Chad’s work conference after Vegas) and the waitress asked to see my ID after I ordered a drink – well, I almost hugged her. But then I thought I must be dreaming and said “Oh, you must be required to ask everyone for ID?” AND she replied “No, only anyone under 30.” DID YOU HEAR THAT???? UNDER 30!!!! Not bad, hey? Not bad at all.

I confess that I wonder how much those workers get paid handing out the sex cards all night long. I can still hear the clicking of the cards in my head.

I confess that I was so temped to call one of the numbers on the sex cards, just to see if the woman in the picture is the same one in person.

I confess that I am a cheap gambler. I only like playing the nickel slots, but most times I had to settle with the quarter slots cuz the nickel slots were really hard to find AND when I finally found them, they were surrounded by old ladies…

I confess that I am SOOOO addicted to tea. I actually planned my entire day around where I could find hot water. Yes, all I need is hot water cuz I ALWAYS carry tea bags in my purse - I never leave home without them!

I confess that Chad and I sat by the hotel pool one afternoon and I ordered one of those “OMG, who would order that ridiculously over sided gluttonous” slushy drinks and I drank the WHOLE thing. It was SOOOOOOO yummy!

I confess that even though I was asked for ID, I'm not so young anymore - my poor feet are killing me from all the walking we did. BUT I refused to wear sneakers when I got dressed up in the evening; despite the cramping and blistered feet, I still chose fashion over comfort.

I confess that I ate and ate and ate and ate ALL week long...I refuse to put myself on the scale until next week.

I confess that it was so strange having people smoking around us in the casinos. I have definitely become a smoke snob and we would move if someone was smoking too close to us.

I confess that I had the BEST steak dinner of my entire life at the Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel overlooking the Bellagio fountain.

I confess that we only took 4 pictures while we were in Vegas, and two of them were in the last couple hours cuz we were feeling so bad for not taking any.


John and Alicia said...

So glad you had fun in Vegas. You deserve it!!!


Janice said...

Great to hear about your trip, sounds like you made the most of it... And looked good doing it. Who's kidding who, shoes really do make an outfit.

I can only dream of being asked for ID one day... Lucky you.