Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The results may surprise you...or not.

So adoption is a very touchy subject for me these days - in other words, I rather NOT touch the subject... So instead I thought I'd post about something far less sensitive - politics...HAHA

I am certainly not going to get into my various views and beliefs - and if I'm being perfectly honest, I am far from politically savvy, but I do care about the general direction of things; so I thought I would pass on this interesting survey I found on the CBC website called Vote Compass. It is an online tool aimed at engaging Canadians in party platforms and policies. When you're done, Vote Compass produces a graph showing your electoral position. You'll see which party is closest to your views — and which is furthest away. And if you are really not into politics, I could see this being a useful overview of many of the "hot top" areas.

Go to Vote Compass to check it out. The results might surprise you...or not. Mine were pretty spot on, but Chad was a bit surprised at his results!

My next post will be on the topic of religion - anything to avoid that "other" subject... :) :) :)


Dancin' Momma said...

There is a lot of controversy around that tool, check it out:

Chad, Laura, Sara and Seth said...

Interesting - Thanks for sharing.

Ranavan said...

Hmmmmm...not surprised by how the results turned out but if you can believe it this year I am not voting for the party I usually do.

Sharla said...

That was kind of fun and made me think about things that I don't normally consider. Thanks for the link!