Monday, April 26, 2010

Guinea Pigs: To Be or Not to Be?

Will this be Chad and I in a few months from now? As cute and cuddly as they may look, I just don't feel like being the ones to start under the new travel policy - to hammer out all the kinks - to test the waters - to venture into unknown territory. I just don't feel like it - I just don't think I have the energy.

If you are wonder what this rant is about... we have recently been informed that IF we receive our referral and file our paperwork to Ethiopian court before May 9th, we will NOT be required to travel for court. Now, don't get me wrong, the thought of meeting our sweet precious babe sooner then later is quite exciting; however, I do have a few mixed feelings. My biggest fear is being the guinea pigs of this new system - and with May 9th fast approaching, it is extremely likely that Chad and I may very well be the first guinea pigs to test this new travel policy - and that scares me. Like international adoption is not scary enough, but with all these additional questions and unknowns, it is just too much for me to take in right now. Besides, I am still in denial that we need to get started on our homestudy update next week, let alone worrying about this whole new process.

With all that said, I know we will make it work, whatever is thrown our way - we have somehow made it through all this so far. I just wish for once (just once) that we are given a little that too much to ask?


Ranavan said...

Nope, it's not to much to ask!

I have everything crossed you won't have to be the guinea pigs!!

elsie hiebert said...

I don't blame you for feelinf this way. I am somewhat relieved to be further down the list hoping that everything will be figured out by then. I'll pray long and hard that you receive your referal this week. We are also starting to update our homestudy and it is making my husband grumpy because of more money being spent. What a difficult road to travel.

Greg & Leanne said...

Nothing yet... hhhmmm... We are back from vacation and I'm ready to help and listen. It's gonna happen... and you are going to enjoy every momment.

D Dae said...

Hopefully you will not be the first, but honestly, how exciting is it that you are THIS CLOSE to referral???? After all this time, you are so close!

Sharla said...

Nope, it would not be fun to be the guinea pigs but I know that you would be willing to go out there and pave the road for those behind you if you had to. I know that you are a strong woman and you can handle it if it comes to that.