Friday, April 30, 2010

Come on, seriously already!

22 freakin' months of waiting - Really? Really? To be completely honest, I am actually a bit shocked that I am even having to post about this - I have been so hopeful this month. And the fact that this crazy adoption can still shock me, shocks me - I really should know better by know, don't you think?

I am tired of letting people down. I am tired of calling friends and family and the voice on the other end says "Hello???" - with the kind of "hello" that is a question, not a statement or greeting. And I have to reply with "Nothing new" before I start into the unimportant reason for my call - and I can sense their disappointment even though they say nothing.

At this point, I am feeling like "the call" will be so anticlimactic - with no surprise or shock value whatsoever - with feelings of "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME"!!! Please don't get me wrong, I will scream, shot, and celebrate as hard as anyone would; however, there will certainly be an element of "FINALLY".

We are blessed with so many wonderful people cheering us on and it is just so hard to have absolutely nothing to say to them. I think their are other people that might feel the same way once our referral comes - thrilled and excited, but "it's about time!"

I know he will be perfect and I know it will all make sense when I see his face - it's just so hard right now.


Ruth Branson said...

Yeah, my mom keeps saying "enough already!" I think you and I would heartily agree with that sentiment.

Hang in there Laura!


Anna said...

Yes, the waiting sucks. I don't think, though, that your "call" will be anticlimatic. For some weird reason, you'll be shocked, and surprised when you get the call, even though you've been waiting 22 months. I can't wait to hear the good news. Hang in there.

Alysia and Derrick said...

Hi Laura,

I'm so sorry you've gotten to post this number! I too thought you'd have your referral well before now. I do understand the feeling though of very supportive and well meaning wonderful people CONSTANTLY asking "Have you heard anything?" and having to say over and over. No, no news yet. Some days I'm fine and other days I feel like maybe it's all a cruel joke of some sort. But in my more rational moments I know it really will happen someday. Those are the moments we have to hold on to.

Dianne said...

I think you may be thinking "finally" when you get that call, but it will not be with the exhaustion you're feeling now.

I hope you don't have to post a 23rd month post. Hang in there! Hold onto that knowledge you already have - that it will make sense when you see his face. I'll be celebrating with you when the time comes!

Sarah said...

The day isn't over yet.... ;)

shannon said...

My Birthday is September 22 always been a great number for me, So here's hoping I can pass on some of the good 22 vibes your way.

Yes it has been way too long and I am sure the call will be shocking just the same ( you mean you really are calling me ! )

Ok hold on tight hold on strong as really it can not be much longer ............. ( not that it makes it any easier )

Sending some thoughts of courage your way
Ps a good friend of mine baby boy from ET was also born Sept. 22 so I will channel some of his vibes as well ( great , great little guy ) All cheering for you .

Sharla said...

Oh man! What to say! Well yep, the call might have a bit of an anti-climactic "ring" to it, but the stuff after the call won't...the e-mails with your baby's picture (your baby!!!), the calling your friends and family, the medical report, the posting your "we finally got the call!" post! Have you decided on a title for that post? Maybe you could work on that!!!

Anonymous said...

The call is just a call. BUT then you will see your baby's face for the first time and know a little about him, it will be amazing. ( A heart thing, not a mind thing.) Myself, whenever I hear your news, I will dance in the street. Love, Pat

Janice said...

I know when the referral comes I will be saying, "Finally, finally, finally!!" It'll be sheer excitement and I'll be jumping for joy for you guys.

Connie said...

Oh, I know exactly what it feels like to constantly be asked "Have you heard anything yet?". We've been getting that question since we started adoption #2, even though we told people it would be at least a couple of years yet.

The wait gets harder and harder and harder and then...the call comes! Just when you thought it would never happen. (Even though you've probably thought that for some time already.)

It will come! Don't give up!

CHEPA said... 's such a long road. i have been checking up on you and hoping, too!! i think when you get that call you will be giddy no matter how exhausted of all this you are least that is how i imagine i will feel. it really will be worth it. hang in there, girl!! it's coming! darci