Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Sara Moments

Word association...

Daddy: "Move your butt to the bathroom to brush your teeth!"
Sara: "Daddy, you can't say that word!...But, you can say but when you are talking, just not that word!"


Sara: "Why does Friday have to come at the end of the week? I want it to come first!!"

Trauma in the life of a 5-year-old...

Sara: "My name does NOT have an 'h' on the end!!! Chris, at school, said it had an 'h' and said RIGHT UP IN MY FACE - 'Sarah...hhhhhaaaaa'...then he said 'See, your name does have an 'h'!'"

What my child is learning on the playground...

Sara: "Mommy, I know where kids go when they are really really bad."
Mommy: "Where?"
Sara: "Judy" (what she meant to say was 'Juvy')

We will get there...

Sara: "Mommy, we have to be at my school at 8 SHARP."
Mommy: "We will be there by 8."
Sara: "But will it be SHARP?"

Because 5-year-olds are never wrong...

Sara: "I like that song from Justin Beaver."
Mommy: "His name is Justin Bieber."
Sara: "Why did he change his name?"

Are you smarter then a 5-year-old...

Sara: "What holds up the sky?"
Mommy: "The sky never ends, it goes on forever and ever."
Sara: "...???? So do the clouds hold up the sky?"
Mommy: ?????
Sara: "What holds up the town? Why don't the buildings fall down?"
Mommy: "Towns are on the earth, and the earth floats in space."
Sara: "...???? So what holds up the earth?"


Sarah said...

All the kiddies in my class talk about Justin Beiber ALL day long. Even the boys. Sigh. He does have a few catchy songs, though. ;)

Connie said...

That's adorable! Gotta love 5 year old mentality!

Sarah Rodgerson said...

Related but unrelated story....when I was a little older than Sara, I decided that I did not want the "H" on my name and I took the liberty of removing it! All my teachers at school thought that mine was supposed to be spelled Sara!

Dana said...

I love 5 year olds. They say the cutiest things.

emily and mike said...

Love this. She is so funny!

Ruth Branson said...

These are the kinds of sayings you read in Readers' Digest! You should send in a few of those Sara quotes!


Jenny said...

♥ Sara.

I had a dream last night! And it was good news.